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Health Information Resources for Developing Countries: Home

Information about providing health related resources to support clinical, research or educational programs in developing countries or resource-poor settings. Audience: University of Washington faculty, staff and students.



The UW Libraries cannot be easily replicated

University of Washington faculty, staff and students with programs in developing countries need to plan ahead if they expect overseas partners to have access to current information.  One cannot assume that non-UW colleagues and students will easily obtain needed resources or be able to share the access UW members have to materials / services.  Despite many efforts to provide increased "free" access to needed information, the for-profit sector controls many useful publishing and indexing ventures. In many cases access/use of resources is regulated by licensing contracts and copyright laws. And often "free" materials are provided electronically, which requires hardware and software and fast, reliable internet access - still unavailable in many settings.

Creating and maintaining collections of materials, either hardcopy or electronic, and providing access to information remain complex and dynamic processes.  Librarians keep up with all the details related to information access and management so remember to involve librarians in your project from the beginning - both those from the University of Washington and in the country where you are working.

Organization and Content

This site supports UW members working on global health projects by providing basic information about how to access and obtain current information resources for students, faculty and health professionals in resource-poor settings. 


FAQ:  Common questions UW people have when they get involved in overseas projects

Building a Library: ways to obtain print and electronic resources

Finding Articles / Books: indexes and catalogs that help users find needed information.  Many of the indexes and catalogs now provide links to electronic full text resources

Courses / Copyright: ways to obtain and provide materials that support classes

Glossary / Other Resources: an explanation of some of the terms used and an extensive list of organizations and projects that support information work in developing countries and resource poor settings