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Finding and Managing the Literature

PubMed Search Tips for Researchers - 2-page handout

Citation Manager - organize your references & article PDFs; when writing, easily format your references and generate your bibliography.

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I'm happy to help you with things such as:

  • Research Strategies and Database Searching
  • Literature Reviews
  • Citation Managers Like EndNote
  • Tracking Down Difficult-to-Find Information or Publications

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Diana Louden

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  • When off-campus, use library links to databases (including PubMed) and journals.  You'll be prompted to log in with your UW NetID to gain access to UW subscriptions.  Learn more here.
  • Consider setting up Husky OnNet for off-campus access.




General Search Techniques

AND Retrieves items that contain both terms. Good for combining topics to narrow a search. tuberculosis AND resistance
OR Retrieves items that contain at least one of the terms.  Good for combining synonyms. antibacterial OR antibiotic
* Retrieves word variants, such as resist, resistant, resistance resist*
" " Retrieves the exact phrase contained by the quotation marks. "drug resistant"
(   ) Tells search system how to combine terms and in which order. [Article needs to mention "tuberculosis" and EITHER the phrase "drug resistant" or the phrase "drug resistance". tuberculosis AND ("drug resistant" OR "drug resistance")
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