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NURS 303 Foundations of Professional Nursing: Library Resources

Tips on how to do the research for your assignments.

Managing Citations

Most databases provide the means of allowing you to store citations for later reference.

Store your citations temporarily

As you scan search results for interesting citations, you may wish to put them in a temporary 'parking lot' that you can go back to when you are done searching the database.  These 'parking lots' eventually disappear after you have stopped using the database.


Click the Add to Folder links below each citation to move individual citations to the temporary folder.  Click the Folder icon at the top of the page to view all citations added.


Click the checkbox next to a citation to select it.  Click on the Send To to see the link to Clipboard.  Once citations have been moved to the Clipboard, a link to the right of the Send To menu will appear listing the number of items in the clipboard.  

Items in the CINAHL folder or the PubMed Clipboard can be printed, emailed, or saved.

Formatting Citations for Bibliographies

Your papers must be formatted in APA style.  You may manually type in your references in proper formatting using helpful templates such as the HSL APA Reference Help Page or the APA Style Manual.  Alternatively, there are tools that will assist you with formatting your references in APA format.

NOTE: Always double check your references.  The tools mentioned here are not perfect and often corrections must be made.


Database Tools


The CINAHL Print command provides options for bibliographic style including APA format.  At the print screen, copy the formatted citation(s) and paste into your Word document.


PubMed does not provide this formatting option.


Other Tools

Citation management software programs allow users to move citation information from databases for storage, annotation, organizing, sharing, and formatting references.  As UW students, you may create free accounts with either of two web-based citation managers.  You must download a plugin with either of these that will allow the tool to work with Word to automate inserting the citations into your Word manuscript and formatting the references at the end of the paper.

1. RefWorks

Register via the link for Shibboleth users. Use UW NetID to create an account.

Help page:

2. EndNoteWeb

Register from a computer on campus. Use any email address to create an account.  Account is accessible from off-campus for one year from registration.

Help page:

View a comparison of the two tools and more:​

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