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SOC W 522

Advanced Standing Preparation for Advanced Professional Practice. Library Resources.

Handout Information


Leave lots of time to do your search for information.  Searching is a process.

  • It may take some time to navigate through the different resources and produce useful search results. If you get stuck, contact
  • Often what you find informs your understanding which may direct you in a different direction and a new search quest.

Articulate your search in a single, concise statement.

  • Usually the nouns help you focus on the search terms to use.
  • For each term, develop a list of synonyms or other ways of phrasing the same concept.

Determine what kinds of information you are looking for. 



Current environment


Legal information

Policy information



Article databases


Government websites

Foundation/Institutional reports




Try to reverse engineer the information you wish to find.  Imagine what the information you are looking for would be like.  If you were going to publish/provide that information how and where would you make it available?

If unsure of how to search a specific database or website, try the following

  1. Search using the terms you’ve identified
  2. then Filter/Refine.

Many search engines offer some Advanced searching.  See the Help section for tips specific to that resource.

Sample Resources


Full Handout [pdf]