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Food and Housing Insecurities: Housing Resources

Central location for information and resources for students experiencing food and housing insecurity.

Pierce County Coordinated Entry


If you are experiencing homelessness or will be homeless in the next 72 hours, please dial 2-1-1.

After completing the Coordinated Entry processes, a housing assessor will put you in contact with the shelters that best suit your needs, as well as programs to begin transitioning to stable housing.

Men's Shelters

Nativity House - 702 S 14th St - (253)502-2780

Tacoma Rescue Mission - 425 S Tacoma Way - (253)383-4493 x1106

Other Housing Options

Faith Home Ministries - housing support for Veterans, teens, and young adults - 5954 N 26th St - (253)302-5335

Metropolitan Development Council - MDC has 4 housing services throughout Pierce County ranging from transitional to long term, families, chemically dependent, and those with disabilities - 945 Fawcett Ave Rm 204 - (253)383-3921‚Äč

Shared Housing Services - matches homeowner with someone who is seeking low-income housing in exchange for rent, and/or assistance - 901 South 11th St - (253)272-1532


Women's Shelters

Hope Guest House - long term care for disabled women 915 S 7th St - (253)627-3620

Nativity House - 702 S 14th St - (253)502-2780

Salvation Army Family Lodge - emergency housing for single women and families with children - 1521 S 6th Ave - (253)627-3962

TRM Adams Street Family Shelter - emergency housing for single women and families with children - 2909 S Adams St - (253)383-4493 x1500

Domestic Violence Women's and Family Shelters

These shelters for specifically for women and families who have experienced domestic violence. Locations are not listed for safety, call for entry.

Exodus Housing - (253)862-6808

Family Renewal Shelter - (253)475-9010

YWCA Shelter - (253)383-2593

Youth / Young Adult Shelters

CYS Pierce County - drop in center for ages 12-24, 50 beds for ages 18-24 - 415 S 13th St - (253)256-3087

Rosie's Place Young Adult Shelter - 520 Pear St SE, Olympia (360)943-0780

Family Shelters

Family Housing Network - 5050 South Tacoma Way - contact through Coordinated Entry (253)682-3401

Helping Hand House - 4321 2nd St SW, Puyallup - (253)848-6096

Living Access Support Alliance - 8956 Gravelly Lake Dr. SW - (253)682-3401

TRM Adams Street Family Shelter - 2909 S Adams St - (253)383-4493 x1500

TRM Tyler Housing - 3202 S Tyler St - (253)383-4493 x1124

Family Long Term Housing

Network Tacoma - non-profit that operates a series of long-term low income apartments specifically for single and two parent families transitioning out of homelessness - (253)474-9334

Husky2Husky Homesharing

Husky2Husky Homesharing banner

Shared Housing Services is a non-discriminatory, equal opportunity 501(c)(3) non-profit, serving Tacoma and Pierce County since 1991. Their programs promote diversity, equity and inclusiveness while aiming to reduce and prevent homelessness throughcreating a culture of sharing reqources for the good of our community as a whole.

Please click on the banner above for more information on H2H Housing network.