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Racial Justice Resources: Algorithmic Injustice

Ebooks @ UW Libraries

book cover: Algorithms of Oppression : How Search Engines Reinforce Racism
book cover: Race After Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code
book cover: Captivating Technology : Race, Carceral Technoscience, and Liberatory Imagination in Everyday Life
book cover: The Rise of Big Data Policing : Surveillance, Race, and the Future of Law Enforcement
book cover: Weapons of Math Destruction : How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy
book cover: Dark Matters : On the Surveillance of Blackness
book cover: Artificial Whiteness: Politics and Ideology in Artificial Intelligence
book cover: Digitize and Punish : Racial Criminalization in the Digital Age
book cover: When Biometrics Fail : Gender, Race, and the Technology of Identity
book cover: The Technology of Policing : Crime Mapping, Information Technology, and the Rationality of Crime Control
book cover: The Ethical Algorithm : the Science of Socially Aware Algorithm Design
book cover: Data Feminism
book cover: Black Software : The Internet and Racial Justice, from the AfroNet to Black Lives Matter
book cover: Predict and Surveil : Data, Discretion, and the Future of Policing
book cover: Digital Punishment : Privacy, Stigma & the Harms of Data-Driven Criminal Justice
book: Understanding E-Carceration : Electronic Monitoring, the Surveillance State, and the Future of Mass Incarceration

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To find additional articles on this topic use the databases recommended on relevant research guides such as Law, Societies & Justice, Computer Science & Engineering, and Sociology.

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