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Research Guides

L to R: Caroline Harrison, Ida Saxton McKinley, Edith Kermit Carow Rossevelt, Helen Herron Taft, Ellen Axson Wilson, Edith Boling Galt Wilson (Images Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

What to do?

Many of the women who have occupied the East Wing continue the work they do there after they have vacated the office. See also the advocacy section of this guide for more information.

The Betty Ford Center

Betty Ford sought treatment for addiction to alcohol and prescription medications after leaving the White House and her experience at a rehabilitation center inspired her to open the Betty Ford Center in 1982. Ford continued to speak openly about her experience to raise awareness about the disease of addiction and support recovery initiatives. Her testimony before a White House Committee Hearing on Alcohol Abuse and Treatment can be seen here.

Rosalynn Carter and Mental Health

Details on Rosalynn Carter’s Mental Health program initiatives in the United States and abroad can be found here, and a video detailing Rosalynn Carter’s advocacy is available here. The Carter Center, founded by Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, also supports global health initiatives, educational opportunities, peace programs, and human rights action around the world.