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American Ethnic Studies: Find Articles & E-Journals

Resources for beginning research in American Ethnic Studies.

Finding Journal Articles

Articles on ethnic studies topics can be found in databases covering various disciplines. Those listed here are some of the major databases for conducting research on topics in ethnic studies.

Database searching tips

Use databases to find citations (and sometimes full text) to articles and other materials. There are specialized databases for various subjects. Listed in the boxes below are selected databases for finding articles on topics in American Ethnic Studies.

  • AND returns results containing all terms:  Asian Americans AND education

  • OR returns results with either term:  Mexican Americans OR Latinos OR Chicanos
    Good for use with related terms or synonyms

  • Placing terms in parentheses ( ) indicates separate concepts, like an equation, (A or B) and C: Immigration AND (Mexican Americans OR Latinos OR Chicanos )

  • Placing two or more words in quotation marks " " returns results using that specific phrase " Pacific Islanders"

  • Truncation * returns results with a root word and any ending
    rac* [finds race, races, racial, racism ...]

Note:  some databases use different truncation symbols (* is most common; others include !, $, #). Check the online help if the asterisk doesn’t work

Starting Points for American Ethnic Studies

TheUse by UW students, faculty, and staff icon indicates that a resource has use restrictions. You may be prompted to enter your UWNetID after clicking the link.

More tools for Finding Articles

Additional databases for finding articles related to topics in American Ethnic Studies

E-Journals in American Ethnic Studies

E-Journals are online, full-text scholarly (academic, peer reviewed, refereed) publications to which the library subscribes.

No Full-text Available






If the full-text of an article is not available directly in a database such as PAIS International:

  1. click on the Check for UW holdings button to find out if the UW has an electronic or print copy of the journal article you need
  2. no button, then check UW Libraries Search for the title of the journal to determine if the UW owns a copy. In the search box limit to University of Washington Libraries.

Open-Access Resources