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American Ethnic Studies: Statistical Facts and Figures

Resources for beginning research in American Ethnic Studies.

Statistical Abstract of the US

Statistical Abastracts of the United States provides a comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the country.

Underrepresented Group Data

Click image for links to the latest data on US racial and ethnic populations from the Census Bureau.

American Community Survey

Click image for access to detailed information source about the American people and workforce.

State of African Americans at the University of Washington Campuses

Statistical Facts and Figures


  • Data-Planet
    Interactive database that allows the use to create tables, maps, and figures from a variety of licensed and public data sources.
  • Statistical data from the Center for Disease Control
    The CDC compiles statistical information to guide actions and policies to improve the health of the Nation.
  • Statistical handbook on racial groups in the United States
    Provides abstracts and indexes of statistical information from over 100,000 U.S. government publications from 1973, state and private sources from 1980, and approximately 2000 documents from international organizations from 1983. Full-text or web links provided for some citations.
  • [UW restricted] Statistical Insight
    Quick and easy links to the latest data on racial and ethnic populations in the United States.
  • U.S. Census
  • 2010 Census
    The Census 2010 is the decennial Census for population, income, and housing data.