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Planet Labs Data

UW Libraries started providing the UW campus access to data in April 2024. Planet provides daily satellite imagery of Earth's land surfaces and coastal areas, and captures over 300 million square kilometers of imagery each data. Account creation is required to access data on

Come join us for the 2024 UW Libraries GIS Symposium on Thursday, May 30th, to learn more about the new campus license to!

Planet Products

UW current campus affiliates have access to the following global datasets:

  • PlanetScope ~ 3.7m resolution in four spectral bands: RGB and Near Infrared

  • SkySat archive ~ 50cm resolution imagery older than 6 months (no imagery within the past 6 months)

  • RapidEye archive ~5m resolution imagery archive from 2009 to 2020

  • Basemaps - time series mosaicked products optimized for either visual reflectance (8-bit) or radiometric consistency (16-bit)

  • Planet Stories - a simple tool to provide imagery time-lapse

  • Access to imagery via an API, web applications or GIS integrations

For more information about Planet, see and the Planet documentation portal.

Planet Tutorials & Resources

Terms of Use

What you can do with UW's subscription:

  • Download, reproduce, store, display and print content from
  • Create derivative products solely for UW, non-commercial, educational, and research purposes.
  • Publish static derivative products in perpetuity, including in educational research journals.
  • Publish dynamic derivative products on UW-hosted websites.

What you cannot do with UW's subscription:

  • Share or transfer data downloaded from to anyone outside  of UW.
  • Share access to the platform.
  • Creative derivative products for reasons other than for UW, non-commercial, educational, and research purposes.
  • Create derivative products without attribution clearly identifying Planet Labs Inc. as a source of the content.
  • Misuse the platform by unduly burdening the system, or using in ways that are inconsistent with normal usage. 

Privacy Notice

UW Libraries makes the service available for you for your convenience. Your use of is voluntary. When you use this service, personal information about you is collected by UW Libraries to create your user account. Only your name and email are submitted to by UW Libraries. Please review the Privacy Statement on their website before using this service if you have any concerns.


Content on this page has been adapted from guides from UBC, UCSD, and University of Arizona.