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Search Tips for Finding Books at UW Libraries

    Any - broadest type of search.  Type in the keywords that broadly describe your topic.  For example: umberto eco il nome della rosa. On the results screen choose the Resource Type Print Books and/or eBooks from the left toolbar. This will eliminate any articles that were found.

    Title - search for a specific book by title. Type in the first few words of the book title in quotations.  For example: "Il nome della rosa". On the results screen choose the Resource Type Print Books and/or eBooks from the left toolbar. This will eliminate any book reviews that were found.

    Author - search for books written by a specific author. Type in the last name followed by the first name of the author in quotations.  For example: "eco umberto". On the results screen choose the Resource Type Print Books and/or eBooks from the left toolbar. This will eliminate any book reviews and articles that were found.

Note down the library name and call number -- you need this information to locate the book.

Finding Dissertations & Theses

In the Stacks

1) Find your book using UW Libraries Search.  Take note of the location and call number of your book. Books are arranged by subject and are assigned call numbers.  You will need the call number to locate your book.

Image showing how to identify Call Number and Location of book in UW Libraries search: PQ4809.A45 Z745 1995

2) Use the location guide at the library to find where the book will be.  Books starting with the call number PQ can be found on Suzzallo 2nd floor.

Image of Suzzallo and Allen Location Guide. Books in the PB to PR range are located on the second floor of Suzzallo Library

3) Go to the stacks to find your book.


Image of books by and about Italo Calvino can be found in the PQs.

We use the Library of Congress classification system to organize our books, which means that books about similar subjects are located next to each other.  For example, books by and about the author Italo Calvino can be found in the PQs with other Italian literature.  You can go to the stacks yourself, or request the item and have it held for you at the Circulation Desk.

Just Want a Good Book to Read?

Browsing Italian Literature

The Library of Congress call number range for this subject area is PQ4001-PQ5999 (Suzzallo Library, 2nd floor). We have so many books in our collections that it is hard to browse.  We recommend doing a quick keyword or author search online, finding a few call numbers to start with, and then browsing that area.  

Italian-language literature:

  •     PQ4001-4199.5 History and criticism (Italian literature)
  •     PQ4001-4063 General
  •     PQ4064-4075 Early to 1500
  •     PQ4077-4088 Modern
  •     PQ4091-(4131) Poetry
  •     PQ4133-4160 Drama
  •     PQ4161-4185 Prose
  •     PQ(4186)-(4199) Folk literature
  •     PQ4199.5 Juvenile literature (General)
  •     PQ4201-4263 Collections
  •     PQ4201-4204 General
  •     PQ4205-4206 Translations
  •     PQ4207-4225 Poetry
  •     PQ4227-4245 Drama
  •     PQ4247-4263 Prose
  •     PQ4265-4556 Individual authors and works to 1400
  •     PQ4561-4664 Individual authors, 1400-1700
  •     PQ4675-4734 Individual authors, 1701-1900
  •     PQ4800-4851 Individual authors, 1900-1960
  •     PQ4860-4886 Individual authors, 1961-2000
  •     PQ4900-4926 Individual authors, 2001
  •     PQ5901-5999 Regional, provincial, local, etc.

(More detailed Library of Congress call numbers for browsing are on the LOC Classification Outline):

Browsing Italian History and Culture

Best practice is to search UW Libraries Search on your chosen topic and find a few books that interest you.  Write down the call numbers, and go to the stacks. Once you are there, browse for more.

History of Italy

  • DG11-999 (Suzzallo 4th floor)


Other Local Libraries