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Japanese Multi-Volume Sets Discoverability Improvement Project: Home

Information about our digitization project where we successfully digitized indices for 156 multi-volume sets to increase access to Japanese language materials.


In December 2016, Azusa Tanaka, our project lead, Hiroyuki Good, and Daniel McKee were awarded a CEAL/Mellon Innovation Grant for East Asia Libraries for the Japanese Multi-Volume Sets Discoverability Improvement Project. Due to this generosity of the grant, we were able to digitize and archive finding aids for 156  multi-volume set titles valuable to students and researchers in North America and abroad. All digitized materials were made accessible and created with long term preservation in mind through the implementation of PDF/A1-b compliance and optical character recognition (OCR) as well as ingestion into an institutional repository, ResearchWorks at the University of Washington. For more information about the project, please view our history tab.

The digitized materials in this collection are selections from the finding aids (indexes, tables of contents, et cetera.) for a wide range of Japanese-language multi-volume sets. The topical coverage of the sets described includes art, business, economics, education, film studies, gastronomy, history, literature, and legal proceedings from the mid-nineteenth-century to the beginning of the twenty-first century. Please visit our ResearchWorks page where you may access all the materials digitized for this project.

These electronic documents were created with the permission of participating publishers as part of the Japanese Multi-Volume Sets Discoverability Improvement Project, and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.

List of project titles