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Research Guides

How I Can Help You

For students, I can:

  • Help you gather competitive intelligence to support your business plan, case assignment, or industry analysis
  • Locate market research, economic, and financial data
  • Consult with you and your teammates to plan research strategies

For teaching faculty, I can:

  • Collaborate on course assignment design to faciltiate strategic thinking and research skills
  • Introduce your students to research tools and strategies via a workshop
  • Post relevant research material in your Canvas class pages
  • Meet with your students individually
  • Act as a liaison communicating the department's concerns and needs to library administration

For researching faculty, I can:

  • Do a quick literature review
  • Purchase books and materials needed for your research
  • Advise you on research tools and strategies
  • Track down tricky citations


Business Librarian

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Jason Sokoloff
Subjects: Business