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Open Science Framework (OSF): Examples

OSF is an open source cloud-based project management platform that helps teams collaborate in one centralized location and provides file hosting, version control, persistent URLs, and DOI registration.

Examples of Projects using OSF

OSF can be used for any type of academic project and is not limited to science. Below are a few examples of public projects that use OSF:

Research Project:

CT Scans - #ScanAllFish:

This project by Adam P. Summers, UW Professor, aims to "establish a clearinghouse of CT scan data that is available under an Open Access model." This project uses OSF Storage to store large amounts of CT scan image files in one place so that anyone can view and use them for scientific and educational purposes.

Research Paper:

Nonlinear electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of lithium-ion batteries:

This project uses OSF to hold the code and data associated with the research paper titled "Nonlinear electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of lithium-ion batteries: Experimental approach, analysis, and initial findings" on ECSarXiv.

Lab Group:

Misinformation Lab:

This project links to the activities in the Misinformation Lab at Deakin University. Each activity has its own OSF project that is linked to this main lab project page.


Keynote "What are Psychological Constructs", DPPD Munich 2017:

This project has the PowerPoint slides and code associated with the keynote entitled "What are psychological constructs such as personality traits, intelligence, or mental disorders, and how to best model them?". Munich, September 4 2017, DPPD psychology conference.

In the Classroom:

TIER Protocol 4.0 Template:
Read the OSF story:

This project provides a template for Haverford College economics majors who produce empirical theses. Students can copy this project's template for their own project and use the structure to organize their theses work.

More Examples:

OSF Case Studies

More examples of real scientists making OSF work for them.