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Research Guides

PWR Instructors: DIY Information Literacy Instruction Resources

This site contains teaching materials that support instructors for the Program in Writing & Rhetoric (PWR) and other courses in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric. Whenever possible, we follow an active learning approach in which students participate in demonstrations and activities rather than passively listen. Below are in developing research questions, finding sources, and evaluating sources.

Below are links to our suggested lesson plans intended to build critical information literacy skills, as well as additional resources, for the following topics:

  1. Developing Research Questions
  2. Finding Sources
  3. Evaluating Sources


If you have questions about these materials or wish to discuss ways of customizing or creating activities to support your students' development of information research skills, we're happy to help! Please schedule a consultation with John Holmes, Kathleen Collins, Connor Franklin Rey (or any librarian in Learning Services) using the link to the lo\wer right.

PWR Instructor Consultations


Consult with a librarian about assignment design, ideas for information literacy activities, Canvas materials, and other ways to teach your students information research skills.