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How I Can Help You

As your dedicated ISS librarian, there are many ways that I can support you in your learning projects. Below are some ideas for ways that we can work together. If you're finding yourself with a pressing question when I'm not available, use the AskUs chat reference service available 24-7. 

Students, a few ways that we can work together:

  • Meet one-on-one to develop strategies and sources for your research projects. We can meet via phone, or Zoom, and sometimes on campus
  • Answer your questions via email, phone or Canvas
  • Connect you with services and resources available through the UW Libraries and beyond
  • Brainstorm research ideas and keywords
  • Help you to find effective research and study habits
  • Formulate citations for your bibliography

Faculty, a few ways that we can work together:

  • Introduce students to research tools and strategies via tutorial or Canvas module
  • Collaborate on developing effective research assignments for your courses
  • Create an online research guide tailored to your class assignment
  • Discuss effective pedagogy for virtual learning
  • Locate online course materials
  • Strategize effective online pedagogy
  • Assist you in identifying open educational resources to be used in your courses

On Equity and Anti-Racism

Thanks for visiting my guide for the ISS Program. While this guide is meant to provide research help and academic support to students in the program, it also feels necessary to address my own identities and privileges as part of the ways in which I am choosing to highlight certain information. I am a white person and live my life through this lens. While I am continually learning to see whiteness and undo the harm it creates, I am committing myself to providing equitable information and resources to you regardless of citizenship status, culture, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, class or identity. I support free speech and ideas from many perspectives and experiences, and I actively work to provide opinions and information sources on a range of topics and ideologies. This is the basis of strong inquiry. While I support the active exchange of oppositional and differing ideas and approaches, I do not promote information based on bigotry, racism, violence or white supremacy. Academic research is capable of causing harm when left uncriticized of its history and power. Some of the ways that I work to engage antiracist and anti-oppressive practices in the work that I do are to:

  • Actively discuss whiteness, racism and intellectual colonialism with colleagues and students
  • Reflect on and be transparent about my own privileges and practices
  • Provide information that specifically supports breaking down structural inequities and power relations
  • Promote open scholarship and community-generated non-scholarly forms of publishing
  • Center the work of marginalized people and communities in my teaching and references, especially Black and Indigenous authors and experiences
  • Build learning materials that are accessible to a variety of learning styles and abilities 

I welcome conversations, inquiries and criticisms on how I can support you more fully.



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