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Popular Map & Timeline Tools


Neatline website


A platform for creating online narrative exhibits using maps, images, and timelines.  Neatline is an add-on tool for Omeka.



StoryMapJS website


An open source project by Knight Lab at Northwestern University that lets users tell stories by mapping the locations of events and presenting the map in a slide-based format. Maps created with StoryMapJS have been featured by Al Jazeera, The Washington Post, and CNBC.

Timeline JS


Timeline JS website


TimelineJS is an open-source tool that enables anyone to build visually rich, interactive timelines.  Incorporate media and images into your timeline.

  • What You’ll Need:

    • Google Spreadsheet experience

    • TimelineJS Google Spreadsheet Template

    • JSON skills for building a custom timeline (optional)

  • Examples

  • License: TimelineJS is released under the Mozilla Public License (MPL), version 2.0. That means that TimelineJS is free to "use, reproduce, make available, modify, display, perform, distribute" or otherwise employ. 

  • Help:

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