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Criminal Justice: Online Students

Welcome Online CJ Students

Welcome to our first fully online program -  Criminal Justice Students! 

The UW Tacoma Library Staff is poised to be your research partner as you begin your academic journey 'from a distance' !

This guide will provide you with links to resources, information to navigate our world class research Library, and ways to contact people for assistance.

Please let us know what you need so we can save you time and quickly bring you up to speed with your research skills.

UW Libraries & Beyond

The UW Libraries is 1 Library on 3 campuses in 18 different locations.  It is now YOUR Library and you have free access to the entirety of our:

  • 7+ million print volumes
  • 300+ article databases
  • Thousands of electronic journals
  • MIllions of digital images

We are part of a consortium of 37 academic libraries in the Pacific Northwest called Summit and you have free access to their collections.

If we or one of our consortium partners don't own what you need, you can order materials for your coursework and assignments * free of charge * from our global interlibrary loan service.

The KEY to all of this:

DO your research as soon as you get your assignment

so that we can get the resources to you

within your TIMEframe.

General Information

Learning to efficiently and effectively conduct your research is like a 'hidden class' when starting any program.  Doing this 'on your own' and 'from a distance' can add layers of complexity and gobble up your precious time - especially if you have been out of school for a while.

But have no fear - the Staff at the UW Tacoma Library can guide and instruct you in best practices, search techniques, evaluative criteria of your resources - and more!

My name is Anna Salyer and I am your Subject Librarian.  I work a Sunday - Thursday shift and am best reached via email:    Please let me know where your comfort and skill levels are regarding research and we can work together to make sure you can find the resources you need for your assignments.

Assistance is also available from our Reference Desk Staff  7 days a week:

                                          (253) 692-4442.

There is a CHAT service but depending on when you contact that, you might not get a UW Librarian - but it can be helpful for that quick, general question!


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