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PubMed at the UW

Getting the Full Text of an Article


1.  Click the UW Article Online icon 

Display references (either all of them or the marked citations) in Abstract format. If the UW Article Online button appears, click on it. It will lead you to the full text.   NOTE:  To see UW icons access PubMed from the Health Sciences Library website.  See the MyNCBI Guide for directions to make the UW icons visible while logged in to MyNCBI.

2.  Click the UW Check for Full Text icon if there is no UW article online icon 

This icon will take you to a UW Libraries Catalog page that will list both online and print availability. When the catalog interface comes up, click the journal vendor name highlighted in blue to be redirected to the article (you may need to browse for the specific issue).

If there is no journal vendor name listed, click on the "Articles (1-2 days)" link. UW Libraries will deliver the article to you via email free of charge (see #3 below).

You can also check for availability on the eJournals tab on the HSL home page.  

3.  Order a copy of the article if you can't locate UW holdings

NOTE: Fees waived for interlibrary loans and scanned copies of journal articles to current UW students, faculty and staff.

  • If you don't find full-text within PubMed you can order copies of article copies directly from Document Delivery Services.
  • Or, you can use the Loansome Doc Service. From the Send To link, select Order, and click on the Order Articles button. This will connect you to the Loansome Doc Service to order copies of journal articles for a fee. Registration is required.

NOTE:  Vendor buttons Vendor button will usually present an option to pay for an article unless it is a free service such as PMC (PubMed Central) items.

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