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PubMed at the UW

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Discover the New PubMed Interface! In this page and its subpages, you will learn how to navigate, search for articles, and create citations in the new interface and how it has been updated from the Legacy version.

This page contains a general statement of the update plan for the database as well as an FAQ box at the bottom. From here, you may link to new and updated features by clicking on the "Check Out" links below or explore directly on the new interface by selecting "New PubMed".

General Information

New PubMed vs. Legacy PubMed

The PubMed database, managed by NCBI, is going through a user interface update. This means that the features and navigation of the database are changing.

New PubMed is the version that will be arriving as the "default" in Spring 2020, and Legacy PubMed is the database that you are familiar with. You can access parts of the New PubMed now, but it will not be fully released until Spring 2020, and Legacy PubMed will remain available for a time before it is phased out.

Click here to access and explore New PubMed.

Check Out


New PubMed reverts back to the Legacy interface on some tools/functions? Why is this?

The New PubMed is live, but it is not the default. This means that some functions and tools will not be available until the new interface is officially and fully released in Spring 2020. Due to this, you may find that you are automatically sent to a Legacy page.

NOTE: If you are sent to a Legacy page, this DOES NOT mean that this function or tool will not be available in the new version. It simply may not have been released yet. 

Also, if you find that PubMed links automatically connect you to New PubMed, clear your browser cache. This will allow you to directly access Legacy PubMed until Spring 2020 when New PubMed becomes the default.

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