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PubMed at the UW

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Displayed here is a list of all of the instructional videos and tutorials used in this guide along with a description of the video contents. All video titles link to the resource. Links are resource type designations and video/tutorial duration. Here are the resource type designations that you will find below:


This is a non-interactive video that you will play beginning to end.

Int. Video

This is an interactive video. To watch the whole video, you will be asked to type, click, or otherwise interact with items on the screen to progress the video past certain points (ex. enter suggested search terms, click on a menu button, etc.). Some have brief quizzes at the end if you would like to check your knowledge!

Videos & Tutorials

Advanced Search Builder (Video) 5:20

Learn how to build an advanced search by using the advanced search tool in PubMed and using Boolean terms AND and OR to make your search queries more specific. 

Basic Search (Int. Video) ~2:00

Learn how to input and conduct a basic search on PubMed. This interactive video will explain step-by-step how to find a relevant article. 

Clinical Queries (Video) 2:32

Discover the "Clinical Queries" tool on PubMed, which allows you to access and browse clinical literature to support evidence-based research.

Clipboard (Video) 4:30

Learn how to place articles on your clipboard to save for later or to make a list of articles during a multi-search session.

Documenting & Sharing Your Search Strategy (Video) 1:18

Learn about search strategy documentation and how to share via email to yourself or colleagues.

Filters (Video) 2:01

This video discusses how to filter your search results by various attributes such as publication date, author, journal, and more!

Find Articles By: (Int. Video) 2:00





Learn how to search for articles by using different types of information in your searches. These tutorials will teach you various ways to use these bits of information in your searches.

Printing, Saving, and Emailing Citations/Articles 

Legacy PubMed (Video) 2:59 

New PubMed (Int. Video) 2:00

Use this video to learn about printing, saving, and emailing relevant and useful citations or articles. Send to yourself or colleagues. 

Searching With and Combining Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) terms (Video) 3:02

Discover the world of Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)! Learn about how these terms can anchor more direct searching and how to combine them with each other and certain qualifiers to fit them to your searching needs!

Treatment Searches

Learn about how to find treatments for a disease or disorder.

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