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Highlighting history of science and medicine materials in Special Collections and related materials.

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The History of Science and Medicine Collection within the Special Collections division at the University of Washington is located on-site in a closed stack environment. The collection includes pre-1850 imprints, 1851-1890 imprints plus selected imprints to 1914. The scope of the collections is broad, with significant holdings in teratology, pediatrics, anatomy, physiology, and ophthalmology. These historical collections are supported by journal and monograph secondary source materials located in our open collections.

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Pioneering Medicine Exhibit

Pioneering Medicine: Milestones from Seattle's First Century 1850-1950

From the Denny Party landing in 1851, through the founding of the University of Washington's Medical School in 1946, Seattle's physicians played defining roles in medicine, politics, and society. This exhibit highlights Seattle's early physicians and how they shaped Seattle, and the region.



History of Science and Medicine Curator

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