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ENG 298 A: Writing Links with Communication 200: Find: Magazine Articles, News Stories, & Public Opinions

Research guide supporting English 298 A

News Stories

Trade Publications & Magazines

Public Opinion

Public opinions are opinions that people are willing to share with others.  People may share their opinions in many different ways including answers to questions asked in a poll or survey, letters that they write and submit to editors of magazines and newspapers, comments that they post online, speeches delivered to groups of people, etc.  

Polls & Surveys:

Letters to the Editor:

Most newspapers and some magazines print letters written by readers that respond to or comment on stories published in the publication.  The way newspapers refer to these sections of the newspaper vary: editorial, opinion, commentary, etc. Add these words to your search to limit to these types of letters and stories in a paper. 

Search example: trump AND journalis* AND (editorial OR commentary OR opinion)

See the News Stories box above for databases that you can search to find letters to the editors of newspapers.  

How do I find the article if it's not in the database?

“Founding Fathers Got It Right on Press Freedom: By Gordon H. Smith, National Association of Broadcasters.” Broadcasting & Cable, vol. 148, no. 19, Oct. 2018, p. N.PAG.

The UW Libraries subscribes to many databases because they do not include the same publications.  The publishers decide which databases may include the full text of their articles.  If a database does not provide the full text of the article that you need, select a button: 


These buttons will search to see if the Libraries has the article online in a different database and, if we don't, see if the magazine is available in paper.

If the Libraries does not have the item that you need, borrow it for free through Interlibrary Loan.

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