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ENG 298 A: Writing Links with Communication 200: Find: Reference Sources

Research guide supporting English 298 A

Background & Context

Encyclopedias and reference sources provide background information and can be used to identify key people, events and dates which can then be used as search terms for finding additional information. In addition most encyclopedia articles include short bibliographies that will lead you to related readings.

Research Methods

Find answers to your research methods questions.  Search for the name of a method or use the Methods Map.  

The Encyclopedia of Survey Research Methods has an entry for Public Opinions that covers these areas:

  • Historical and philosophical background
  • Definition and description of public opinion
  • Problems with public opinion and its measurement
  • Opinion quality and public opinion measurement
  • List of further readings
  • Link to the Encyclopedia's entry for Public Opinion Polls

"Public Opinion." Encyclopedia of Survey Research Methods, edited by Paul J. Lavrakas, vol. 2, SAGE Publications, 2008, pp. 635-640. Gale Virtual Reference Library, Accessed 24 Oct. 2018.

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