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Teaching Support for Faculty: Troubleshoot ebooks & other e-resources

Troubleshooting access to e-resources

The library offers access to millions of items from hundreds of sources, each with their own processes and quirks. Students should never pay for an article!

  • Ask a librarian to help you access materials anytime. 
  • Start from links on library webpages and guides. This automatically triggers UW authentication.
  • Consider using the UW virtual private network (VPN), called Husky OnNet
  • Consider installing a Proxy Bookmarklet to facilitate authentication.
  • Many eBooks offer limited access due to publisher agreements. If another student is using the item, it will be temporarily unavailable. 

Limited access ebooks

UW Libraries owns a significant number of ebooks that are limited to one to three concurrent users.   For limited use titles, an error message will display if all of the copies are in use.  In the example screenshot below, the title Health care finance  is available on the EBSCOhost platform with a three user limit.

Screenshot of a UW Libraries ebook record with a 3 user limit

Best practice when assigning material in limited use ebooks

  • Share the best practices listed below so your students have strategies for reducing the time titles are unavailable.
  • Be as flexible as possible with deadlines for assigned readings, particularly if access is limited to a single user. 
  • If you're assigning a single chapter, consider downloading and linking to the chapter in Canvas if copyright practice and the platform license allows for it.

Best practice for limited access ebooks

Read the content online rather than downloading. 

EBSCOhost ebook screenshot of buttons that say PDF Full Text and EPUB Full Text outlined   ProQuest ebook example screenshot of where to find the "Read Online" link.

  • To read online typically click on a button that says "PDF Full Text" "EPUB Full Text" (for EBSCO) or says "Read Online" (for ProQuest).
  • When you're done reading, completely close your browser window to ensure that the title "releases" as quickly as possible for the next user.
  • Single and three user titles are only available for one day downloads, and require setting up an Adobe Digital ID and installing Adobe Digital Editions on your personal device.  It ends up being a lot of work for relatively limited access and extends the period of time the copy is unavailable for someone else.