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Teaching Support for Faculty: Library instruction & consultations

To schedule a session, please contact your course's liaison librarian (below) with your preferred dates and learning objectives. 

We require a minimum of one week's notice for all instruction requests, with two necessary for the busiest times of the quarter. While we are always happy to work with your course, additional notice is appreciated. This allows for increased customization, interaction, and support for your students.

Ask about:

  • Synchronous Zoom lessons or orientation sessions
  • Embedding library modules or support pages in Canvas
  • Research Help hours or drop-in work sessions just for your student
  • A custom research guide for your class

Subject Librarians

Subject librarians are available via email or Zoom

Erika Bailey
Data and Digital Scholarship Librarian
GIS | Urban Studies | History

Alaina Bull
Humanities and Student Success Librarian
American Studies | Arts | Core | Literature and Writing | Film Studies 

Johanna Jacobsen Kiciman
Education and Research Help Librarian
Education | Ethnic Gender & Labor Studies | Global Honors

Amanda Pirog
Business & User Experience Librarian
Business | Nonprofit


Marisa Petrich
Instructional Design Librarian
Social Work | Criminal Justice | Psychology | Sociology


Megan Watson
Collections Librarian
Nursing and Healthcare Leadership

Business: Amanda Pirog

Education: Johanna Jacobsen Kiciman

Engineering and Technology:

Nursing and Healthcare Leadership: Megan Watson

Social Work and Criminal Justice: Marisa Petrich

Urban Studies: Erika Bailey

Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

American Studies: Alaina Bull

Anthropology: Johanna Jacobsen Kiciman

Arts: Alaina Bull


Biomedical Sciences:


Communication: Alaina Bull

Core: Alaina Bull


Environmental Science:

Environmental Sustainability:

Film Studies: Alaina Bull

Gender Studies: Johanna Jacobsen Kiciman

General Education: Alaina Bull


Global Honors: Johanna Jacobsen Kiciman

History: Erika Bailey

Latino/a and Latin American Studies:


Literature: Alaina Bull


Non-Profit Studies: Amanda Pirog



Political Science:

Psychology: Marisa Petrich


Sociology: Marisa Petrich

Writing Instruction: Alaina Bull

Chat with a librarian

Get answers to your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The service is staffed by UW Librarians during business hours, and by academic librarians from around the world weekends and evenings.  We locally review all transcripts and follow up with additional information if needed.