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Teaching Support for Faculty: Textbooks and streaming media

UW Tacoma Library Textbook Program

We attempt to purchase required textbooks priced $75 and over, and add them to course reserves.  Please submit the Purchase Request Form if you would like us to purchase course materials that fall under that price threshold. 

Please note:  We purchase books based on what is available via the UW Tacoma Shop.  If your books were submitted to the bookstore after the quarterly deadline, we may not be aware of your titles.  Please don't hesitate to email or submit the Purchase Request Form.

Format priority for purchasing:

  • 1st choice: we automatically purchase an unlimited, concurrent user ebook when possible. Please note that most textbooks are not available in an ebook format for libraries to license or purchase, including popular, consumer-oriented ebook platforms such as Kindle.
  • 2nd choice: we automatically purchase a single print copy when an unlimited ebook is not available.  Faculty are also encouraged to submit personal copies for temporary reserve use.
  • By request only:  We will purchase a limited use ebook (1-3 concurrent uses) when requested.  Please be aware that students may experience turnaways and many such ebooks limit printing and saving, depending on the platform. Faculty are strongly encouraged to submit personal print copies for temporary reserve use.

Questions? Please contact

Streaming media & DVDs

The UW Tacoma Library purchases or licenses documentaries, historical footage, and feature films for all courses when available and to the extent that funding allows.

If you would like us to research a film title:

  • Please use the Purchase Request Form.  This streamlines the process and ensures we have the specific information needed.
  • Limit your streaming requests to no more than 10 titles per course. 
  • Please consider a contingency plan if we aren't able to license a film, or meet your required time frame.  Negotiating streaming agreements with new vendors can be time-consuming, sometimes taking weeks or months to complete.  Smaller, independent filmmakers in particular may not have worked with an academic library before and require more lead time.Your subject librarian may be able to help you identify alternate films.
  • We will do our best to keep you updated, but please don't hesitate to email with any questions.

Please note:

  • Similar to ebooks, many types of media content are not available for academic libraries to stream.  Additionally, consumer streaming platforms (such as Netflix, Hulu and Disney+) do not offer institutional licenses.  If you find a film on one of these platforms, we can check to see if an academic library vendor also licenses the film.  If not, students typically need to rent the film through the streaming provider or a physical DVD can be placed on course reserve.
  • We have the ability to license most Disney feature films; however, Disney mandates that the title be restricted to a single course.  Please request streaming access for these titles only when they are required content integral to your course objectives.

Questions? Please contact

Alternate sources and more information

Your subject liaison can help you find appropriate alternative materials:

For quick tips on finding material in UW Libraries Search, please see:

For more information about using electronic materials to support courses, please see: