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Teaching Support for Faculty: Library resources in Canvas

Library support for your students can be incorporated directly into your Canvas course. In addition to offering instruction and consultations, we provide library support pages in Canvas to help connect your students directly to the resources and databases they need. You can also add your subject librarian to your Canvas course. Step by step instructions for both options are below.

Enable the UW Libraries page in Canvas

Enabling the UW Libraries Canvas page automatically links a subject research guide to your course based on course code, includes links to library support, and identifies the main subject librarian. 

Librarian curated research guides provide links to subject specific journal databases, ebooks and more. Once this page is enabled, librarians can also develop and link a specialized research guide tailored to your course assignment.  Reach out to your subject librarian if you have questions.

Instructions for enabling the UW Libraries Canvas page

  1. Click the "Settings" option at the bottom of your course navigation menu.
  2. Select "Navigation" at the top of page.
  3. Find the "Library Resources" page in the list of menu items.
  4. Enable this page by clicking the three dots on the right-hand side.

Add your subject librarian to your Canvas course

Customized library instruction modules and responsive support for your students can be provided directly in Canvas by adding your subject liaison to your course. This allows us to provide direct support to your students by answering questions or offering feedback on research-related modules.

After you contact your subject liaison add them to your course in the librarian role: 

  1. Go into your course.
  2. Click on "People" in the left navigation menu.
  3. Click the blue "+ People" button in the upper right corner.

  4. In the box provided, enter your subject librarian's NetID. Then, assign them the role of "Librarian."