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Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) Introduction

The Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) are a specially organized collection of thousands of full text sources on almost 400 cultures worldwide. HRAF can be useful for anyone looking for background information or specific data on a particular ethnic group, culture or country, as well as by those investigating subjects like architecture, kinship, political structure or settlement patterns on a comparative cross-cultural basis.

A full-text database with information on archaeological traditions and full-text documents including books, journal articles, and dissertations. eHRAF is unique in that the text is subject-indexed for quick retrieval of information.


HRAF Michrofiche

The HRAF Microfiche is located in the basement level of Suzzallo. For assistance, please see staff at the GMM reference desk, located on the ground floor of Suzzallo, near Allen North.

Citing eHRAF Resources

Sources simply reproduced by HRAF (primarily English language monographs) can be cited as if the information were found directly in those sources (HRAF need not be mentioned). If HRAF sources are used heavily in research for a publication, however, authors sometimes mention that fact in a note.

Citations for sources translated for HRAF should contain translation information (e.g. "Translated for the Human Relations Area Files by M. E. Fontaine, 1989").

If using a source directly from the eHRAF database, follow the guidelines for sources from databases provided by chosen citation style. You may want to refer to the UW Libraries' Citation Styles & Tools page if you have questions.