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Finding Ethnographies

Ethnographies can be difficult to identify because there is no specific subject heading (or LCSH) for "ethnography". Tips:
  • Identify the correct name of the group you are researching.
  • The most often-used subject heading subheading for ethnographies is "Social life and customs".
  • Another sub-heading that is useful is "case studies". Although most case studies are not ethnographies, some are. You will have to go to the stacks and look at the books to determine if they are actually ethnographies.
  • Try a keyword search with "ethnograph$" in addition to your subject. However, unless the book has "ethnography" as part of the title (and most don't), you won't find much.
  • Do a keyword search combining the name of the group with the aspect of the culture you want to research. Hopefully some ethnographies will turn up.

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