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Drama: Costume Design

Drama resources including production resources, digital collections, image collections, costume resources, plays and monologues.

Finding Books

The following subject headings may be useful when looking for books on clothing and costume design:

1.  Costume - refers to clothing of a particular place or period as well as treated as an artistic object or clothing created for the stage, screen, or special events

2.  Costume Design - used for clothing and dress design as well as fashion design

3.  Clothing & Dress - refers to the utilitarian aspects of clothing, including works on how to dress

4.  Clothing - see above note for clothing & dress

5.  Fashion - used for style in dress

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Starting Points

These resources provide broad yet detailed overviews of fashion and costume design across styles and cultures. Entries often point to other helpful resources if you want to dig deeper into a specific topic.

Finding Articles

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