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Drama: Costume Design

Drama resources including production resources, digital collections, image collections, costume resources, plays and monologues.

Finding Books

The following subject headings may be useful when looking for books on clothing and costume design:

1.  Costume - refers to clothing of a particular place or period as well as treated as an artistic object or clothing created for the stage, screen, or special events

2.  Costume Design - used for clothing and dress design as well as fashion design

3.  Clothing & Dress - refers to the utilitarian aspects of clothing, including works on how to dress

4.  Clothing - see above note for clothing & dress

5.  Fashion - used for style in dress

Reference Resources

Berg Companion to Fashion
Drama General Stacks GT511 .B47 2010
An essential reference for students, curators and scholars of fashion, cultural studies, and the expanding range of disciplines that see fashion as imbued with meaning far beyond the material. Over 300 in-depth entries covering designers, articles of clothing, key concepts and styles. This handy volume is a one-stop reference for anyone interested in fashion - its meaning, history and theory.


A Cultural History of dress and fashion
Drama General Stacks GT511 .C85 2017

A cultural history of dress and fashion' presents an authoritative survey from ancient times to the present. This set of six volumes covers over 2,500 years of dress and fashion. Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

Dictionary of Fashion History
Drama Reference GT730 .C86 2010
Updates and supplements A Dictionary of English Costume by C. Willett Cunnington, Phillis Cunnington and Charles Beard.  Includes additional terms and revised definitions and covers terms from the mid-medieval period up to the present day. 

Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion
Drama Reference GT507 .E53 2005
A three-volume survey of clothing, costume and fashion, presented through 640 essays, arranged alphabetically. Coverage includes the origins of clothing and body adornment, the development of fabrics and technologies, and the social meanings of dress, as well as representative costumes from a wide range of historical eras.

Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion
Drama Reference  GT507 .E54 2010 v.1-10
Explores all aspects of dress and fashion globally from pre-history to the present day. 

Fashion:  Critical and Primary Sources
Drama General Stacks  GT580 .F37 2009 v.1-4
Brings together seminal writings on fashion covering the Late Medieval to Renaissance, the 18th century, the 19th century, and the 20th century.

Greenwood Encylopedia of Clothing through World History
Drama Reference GT507 .G74 2008
Explores clothing in a given place and time while also providing a general history to put the clothing in context.  (Note:  Odegaard also has a set as well as the companion set, Greenwood Encyclopedia of Clothing throug American History, 1900 to the present.)

Finding Articles

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