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Drama: Dialect & Accent Resources

Drama resources including production resources, digital collections, image collections, costume resources, plays and monologues.

Drama Library Resources

The Drama Library collects tapes and CDs for actors and directors to use during rehearsals or productions. The most detailed material includes a discussion of the phonetic alphabet, vowel sounds, and word stress. Many dialect tapes also include information on breathing, use of the tongue, and positioning of the jaw. Most resources provide frequent opportunity to practice as you listen.

Suggested Resources:


Dialect Books with Practice Tapes:


Dialect Books without Practice Tapes:

  • Lewis Herman - Manual of American dialects, for radio, stage, screen and television
  • Lewis Herman - Manual of foreign dialects for radio, stage, screen
  • Robert Hobbs - Teach yourself Transatlantic: theatre speech for actors
  • Edith Skinner - Dialects for the theater


Plays with Dialect:

Have a particular dialect in mind, and looking for a play that features that dialect? A good source is Play Index located in Drama Reference Z5781.P53.  In the online version type the dialect you're looking for in the search box, for example, "dialect Scottish" or "dialect African American".

Online Resources