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USA Today February 4, 2010 p.4D

Many library research databases include the complete text of the articles.  If you do not see a link to the complete text, use the   button to locate a copy in the library. If there is no button, search the UW Libraries Catalog for the title of the journal to locate a copy.

Articles from journals, magazines, and newspaeprs which the UW does not own can be requested via Interlibrary loan.

Search Databases to Find Articles

How to Search

Databases work by matching your search terms with the items in the database, in this case information about articles.  Generally when searching a library type database, link your search terms with the word "and". 

For example, to find articles related to who watches television, I might do searches on:

  • television and viewer*
  • television and (viewers or viewership)
  • "real world" and (viewer* or rating*)
  • (teenager* or youth) and television

Searching is a bit of an art so be creative and use a variety of search terms and strategies in order to find the best articles on your topic.

Some Journals & Magazines