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Religion and Society in the Pacific Northwest: Persons

Records of religious congregations and organizations in the Pacific Northwest, and papers of persons involved in these organizations, supporting the study of the region's social, political and economic history.

Personal Papers

Personal Papers

Emery E. Andrews papers, 1925-1969.

Emery E. Andrews was an esteemed pastor at Seattle's Japanese Baptist Church who devoted the bulk of his adult life to ministering to Japanese Bcommunities in Washington State, the U.S., and Japan.  Much of this material pertains to the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II at Minidoka and includes correspondence from inmates that Rev. Andrews carried to their families and friends in other cities and centers.

E. Raymond Attebery papers, 1913-1979.

Pastor of Grace Methodist Church, Seattle, and military chaplain in both world wars, Attebery was active in various civic causes, including advocating for municipal ownership of Seattle's electric utility, support for Prohibition, and working to free Industrial Workers of the World members jailed after the 1919 Armistice Day clash between workers and veterans in Centralia.

Naomi Achenbach Benson papers, 1895-1971.

Naomi Achenbach Benson, a teacher as well as a political and civic activist from Everett, Washington, was a member of the Snohomish County Democratic Party and the Washington State Progressive Party. She worked on behalf of a wide variety of liberal causes in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s: civil liberties and freedom of speech, liberal relief policies, pacifist foreign policies, equal rights for women and minorities, public power, and many others.

Rehei Bordeaux papers.

Transcript of an oral history interview, in which the narrator describes early life in Japan, emigration and work in the U.S., and founding of the Seattle Buddhist Church.

Liz Caldwell papers, 1936-1980.

An extensive collection of diaries, with related ephemera, chronicling the life and affairs of a Seattle educator and speech therapist.  An active Episcopalian, she was involved in the fair housing campaign of the 1960s and other civic and cultural concerns.

Laura Foss papers, 1917-1962.

Correspondence, financial records, and minutes of Annekset, a Danish Ladies Aid Society, with photos and clippings related to Foss's work and her activities at a Danish summer school held at St. John's Lutheran Church, Seattle.  In Danish and English. Part of Scandinavian Archives, accession 2608-1.

Bernard Haldane papers, 1927-2004.

Bernard Haldane was an internationally recognized leader in the field of career development.  His papers document his work for business, government, and other non-profit clients, including religious congregations and organizations. 

Walter H. Hubbard papers, 1964-2002.

African American leader and Roman Catholic activist,  Hubbard was president of the National Office for Black Catholics and the Seattle Interreligious Committee for the Rights of Soviet Jewry, among other religious organizations.  He was active in local civil rights organizations such as the Seattle Central Area Civil Rights Committee and the Seattle Model City Program (SMCP) Combined Advisory Council and ran for political office in the 1970s and 1980s.

Kaoru Ichihara papers, 1942-1945.

Kaoru Ichihara was personal secretary to the General Secretary of the Seattle Council of Churches and Christian Education from 1939 to 1958. She was incarcerated at Camp Harmony and Camp Minidoka during World War II.  The collection comprises writings, correspondence, newsletters, minutes, ephemera, reports, instructions, church programs, and clippings documenting the evacuation and resettlement of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Sachiko Iwami memoir [Ikijibiki], 1991.

Iwami describes her family background, early life and schooling, the war years, her career and family, and her retirement. Includes information on the founding of the Seattle Buddhist Church Day Nursery.

Thomas E. Jessett papers, 1902-1989.

Biographical information, correspondence, manuscripts, sermons, published articles, unpublished writings, speeches, bibliography, financial records, clippings, ephemera, scrapbooks, photographs, and sound recordings concerning Jessett's career in the Episcopal Church in Washington state as well as his interest in Northwest history, early missionary activities, and Native Americans such as Spokane Garry, 1902-1989.

Mark A. Matthews papers, 1884-1948.

As minister of Seattle's First Presbyterian Church, 1902-1940, which during his tenure grew to 10,000 members, Matthews combined a commitment to the social gospel with theological fundamentalism.  He waged a public battle against moral vice and political corruption, By 1912 Matthews had been elected moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, which led to a close association with Woodrow Wilson. As he became increasingly conservative, Matthews called for restrictions on immigration and repressive measures to counter the red scare of the 1920s.  The collection includes wide political correspondence, as well as sermons, scrapbooks, clippings, genealogical materials, and reports.

Esther Mary McCullough papers, 1936-1950.

Scrapbooks containing photos, clippings, ephemera, and memorabilia, with commentary by McCullough, relating to her missionary work among Japanese Americans in the Seattle area.  Minutes, 1938-1942, of Fujin Home, a Seattle residential training center originally established in 1909 to house "picture brides" before their marriage.

Ulysses Grant Murphy papers, 1967.

Memoir, "My Ninety-Seven Controversial Years," in which a retired Methodist missionary recalls his experience establishing congregations in the Seattle area in the 1890s, followed by decades of active ministry in Japan and among persons of Japanese origin in the Western U.S., including Seattle. 

Tesshim Shibata memoirs, 1961.

Memoirs regarding the founding of the Idaho-Oregon Buddhist Church in Ontario, Oregon.  In Japanese.

Kango Wada papers, 1891-1971.

Recollection of founding of the Community Methodist Church, Ontario, Oregon, and tape-recorded interview, both in Japanese.

Louise Van Doren Ward papers, 1891-1916.

Writings re. her work with the Baptist Japanese Mission, Seattle.  Microfilm copies.

Harold Weeks papers, 1910-1966.

Seattle songwriter, active in the Christian Science Church and temperance movement.

Yuzuru Yamaka papers, ca. 1924-1949.

Correspondence, clippings, and other papers re. his work as pastor, Blaine Methodist Church, Seattle, 1921-1931; Japanese Methodist Church of Los Angeles; and his evacuation to Idaho during World War II.  In Japanese and English.