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General works on history and criticism published before 1948

All India Writers Conference, Jaipur, 1945

Bhushan, V.N.

Iyengar, K.R. Srinivasa

Oaten, Edward Farley

Sarkar, Benoy Kumar

  • The aesthetics of young India. Calcutta: Kar. Majundar & Co., 1922. 199 p.

Seal, Brajendranath

  • New essays in criticism. Calcutta: Som Bros., 1903. 155 p.

Sidhanta, Nirmal Kumar

Singh, Bhupal

Sinha, Yadunatha

Speight, E.E., ed.

  • Indian masters of English. London: Longmans, Green, 1934.


Drama Anthology

The blazing shrine: an anthology of one-act plays in English by Indian writers. Edited by V.N. Bhushan. Bombay: Padma Pub., 1941.

Drama by Individual Authors

Abbas, Khwaja Ahmad, 1914-1987.

Advani, Methasing Tiloksing

  • The Indian mirror: or the reflections. Hyderabad, Sind: Good Star Press, 1907-1911. 4 vols.
  • My silly partition: an original farce. Hyderabad, Sind: Good Star Press, 1910. 16 p.
  • My three pees. Hyderabad, Sind: Good Star Press, 1912. xvi, 207 p.

Aiyangar, Venbakkam V. Srinivasa, 1871-

  • At any cost. Madras: Everyman's Pub., 1921.
  • Blessed in a wife: an Indian society drama in English in three acts. Madras: G.C. Loganadham Bros., 1911. 26 p.
  • The bricks between. Madras: Everyman's Pub., 1918. 52 p.
  • Dramatic divertissements: Blessed in a wife; The point of view; The surgeon-general's prescription, Vichu's wife; Wait for the stroke. Madras: Everyman's Pub., 1921. 2 vols.
  • The point of view: a drama in three acts. Madras: n.p., 1915. 34 p.
  • Sub-assistant magistrate of Sultanpet. Madras: Everyman's Pub., n.d.
  • The surgeon-general's prescription: a play in one scene. Madras: n.p., 1913. 42 p.
  • The tragic denouement. Madras: Everyman's Pub., 1921.
  • Two selves. Madras: Everyman's Pub., n.d.
  • Vichu's wife: a little comic play in two scenes. Madras: n.p., 1911. 31 p.

Aiyar, R.S. Narayanaswami

  • Varsulka: scenes from social life. Madras: Tamil Sangam Power Press, 1915. 31 p.

Aiyar, T.S. Krishna

  • Lord Clive: a drama in five acts. Trichinopoly: St. Joseph's Industrial School Press, 1913. viii, 54 p.

Akhundzadah, Fath Ali, 1812-1878. Persian

  • An English translation of Mard-i-Khasis: a play in five acts. Trans. by K.M. Maitra. Lahore: n.p., 1923. ii, 104 p.
  • An English translation of the Vazir of Lankuram: a play in four acts. Trans. and edited by K.M. Maitra. 2nd ed. Lahore: n.p., 1923. xxxix, 74 p. Originally written in Turkish.
  • Persian plays: three Persian plays. Trans. by A. Rogers. London: W.H. Allen, & Co., 1890. vi, 73, 172 p. Persian/English text. Originally written in Turkish.
  • Sarguzast Wazir Khan-i-Lankuran: a play in four acts. Trans. and edited by K.M. Maitra. Lahore: Atma Ram & Co., 1916. 48, 78, 5 p. Persian/English text.
  • The Vazir of Lankuram: a Persian play; a text-book of modern colloquial Persian for the use of European travellers, residents in Persia, and students in India. Edited and trans. by W.H.D. Haggard and G. Le Strange. London: Trubner, 1882. 176, 53 p.; London: Luzac, 1930. 53 p. Originally written in Turkish. Persian/English text.
  • The Vazir of Lankuran: a play in four acts. Trans. and edited by Shams-ul-'Ulama Maulavi Muhammad Yusuf Ja'fari and D.C. Phillott. Calcutta: Baptist Mission Press, 1911. 36, 74 p.

Ali, Abdul of Hyderabad-Deccan

  • The rebel, the imperialist. Madras; Pub. by the author, 1944. iv, 59 p.

Ali, Ahmed, 1908-

  • The land of twilight: a one act play in verse. Lucknow: R.R. Sreshtra, 1937. 25 p.


  • The bride of god. Tungabhadra: Prema Literary Society, 1931.

Anonymous Tamil

  • Arichandra, the martyr of truth. Adapted by A. Padmanabha from the classic English version of the late Sir Mutu Coomara Swamy. London: Smith Edler and Co., 1863. xxiii, 262 p.; Colombo: Ceylon Examiner Press, 1904. Harichanda: the martyr of truth. Trans. by Mutu Coomara Swamy. Delhi: Mittal, 1984.

Anonymous English

  • Kaminee, the virgin widow: an English drama in five acts. Calcutta: n.p., 1874.
  • Nala and Damayanti: a drama [in five acts and in prose and verse]. Negapatan: Scottish Branch Press, 1894. 135 p.

Apparao, Gurujada Venkata, 1861-1915. Telugu

  • Bridal bargain. Edited and trans. by S. Gopala Murthy and K. Ramesh Babu. In "Enact" #109-110, January-Feb. 1979. 17 p.

Avyaktananda, Swami

  • India through the ages: ten short plays. London: Society for Cultural Fellowship with India, 1947. 95 p. (Includes; All prophets' day; The ashrama; The battle within man; The children of Israel; The cross in India; The disciples; The fakir's lizard; The flute of Krishna; The sacred fire of life: and Towards Buddhahood.)

Ayengar, M.S. Gopala, pseud. S. Gopal.

  • The eastern farce. Channapatna: n.p., 1931.
  • The juvenile dramas. Channapatna: n.p., 1934. 40 p. (Includes: Against deti leti; Against purdah; A plea for agriculture; and Long live the policeman.)

Ayyar, Aiylam Subrah Manier Panchapakesa, 1899-1963.

  • In the clutch of the devil: a drama in five acts. Bombay: n.p., 1926. iii, 122 p.
  • A mother's sacrifice: a play in three acts. Madras: R.R. Rama Iyer and Co., 1937. 97 p.; 3rd ed. Madras: Rochouse and Sons, 1947. ii, 69 p.
  • Sita's choice and other plays. Madras: Madras Law Journal; Madras: New India Trading Co., 1935. 200 p. (Includes: Bramha's way and The slave of ideas.)
  • The slave of ideas and other plays. Madras: C. Coomarswamy Naidu and Sons, 1941. 186 p. (Includes: In the clutch of the devil; A mother's sacrifice; and Sita's choice.)
  • The trial of science for the murder of humanity, a mock trial. 2nd rev. and enl. ed. Kumbakonam: G.V.K. Swami and Co., 1942. 49 p.

Banarjee, Bhupendra Nath 1879-1938. Bengali

  • English translation of Bengalee: a national drama being played by the Minerva Theatre, Beadon Street, Calcutta. Calcutta: R. Cambray, 1927. 174 p.

Banerjea, Krishna Mohan, 1813-1885.

  • The persecuted. Calcutta: n.p., 1831. Possibly published in the "Enquirer" edited by K.M. Banerjea.

Banerjea, S.B.

  • The inimitable Mrs. Markhamby: a play in two scenes. Calcutta: n.p., 1908. 12 p.

Banerjee, Digindra Chandra, 1909- Bengali

Basu, Amritalal, 1853-1929. Bengali

  • The Babu: a Bengali society farce. Trans. by Nibaran Chandra Chatterji. Calcutta: Sanyal & Co., 1911. x, 116 p.

Bhatia, Dvarka Nath

  • Rejoice: played on the occasion of celebration of the imperial coronation at Hailakundi. Calcutta: S.C. Banerji, 1903. 10 p.

Bhatt, Surya Dutt

  • The trial celestial. Bombay: Karnataka Pub. House, 1940. 57 p.

Bhattacharya, Basudeb, 1888-1949. psd Pundit Acharya & Sree Basudeb

  • Aunt Lasmi: a one-act tragedy in "Poet lore" 35 i (1924). pp.101-13.
  • Still it is spring: a tragedy in once act. In "Poet lore" 42, iv. 1935. pp. 364-81.

Bhattacharya, Surendra Nath Bengali

  • Prayag-tirtha: a play. Calcutta: Orphan Press, 1934. 147 p.

Bhusan, V.N., 1909-1951.

  • The anklet bells. N.p.: n.p., n.d.
  • Mortal coils. Masulipatnam: n.p., 1934.
  • Samyukta. Masulipatnam: n.p., 1933.

Borgaonkar, Dattatreya Mahadeva

  • The image-breakers: a play in three acts. Bombay: New Book Co., 1938. viii, 59 p.

Bose, Amrita Lal Bengali

  • English translation of "The Babu": a Bengali society farce by Babu Amrita Lal Bose. Trans. by Nibraran Chandra Chatterjee. Calcutta: Bharat Mihir Press, 1911. x, 116 p.

Bose, S.C.

  • Buddha: being a dramatized version of Sri Edwin Arnold's "The light of Asia." London: Kegan Paul, Trench and Trubner, 1912. 31 p.

Bosu, Profulla Kumar

  • Aurora: a musical opera. Calcutta: n.p., 1931. 58 p.
  • Conrad and Leonora: an opera. Calcutta: n.p., 1921. 29 p.
  • Rosaline: a musical opera. Calcutta: n.p., 1925. 29 p.
  • Rustam and Zulekha: a drama. Calcutta: n.p., 1921. 27 p.

Chatterjee, Nolini Mohan, 1865-

Chatterji, Tapanmohan Bengali

  • The light-bearer: a symbolic drama in one scene. Trans. by the author. In "Drama, 1918" pp. 383-89.

Chattopadhyaya, Harindranath, 1898-1990.

  • Abu Hasan: a drama in prose and verse. Madras: N.p., 1918. 95 p.
  • Five plays. London: Fowler Wright, 1929. 202 p. (includes: The hunter; The proclamation; Pundalik; Saku Bai; and Tukaram.)
  • Five plays. Pondicherry: Bharata Shakti Karyalayam, 1937. 166 p. (Includes: The window; The parrot: The sentry's lantern; The coffin; and The evening lamp.)
  • Jayadeva: a play in verse. Madras: Shama's Pub. House, 1924. 24 p.
  • Poems and plays. Madras: Hogarth Press, 1927. 348 p.
  • Pundalik. Madras: Shama's Pub. House, 1924.
  • Raidas, the cobbler saint. Madras: Shama's Pub. House, 1925.
  • The saint. Bombay: Nalanda Pub., 1946.
  • Saku Bai. Madras: Shama's Pub. House, 1924.
  • The sleeper awakened: a nightmare in three scenes. Madras: Ganesh and Co., 1932. 97 p.
  • Tukaram. In "Shama's journal". (Madras) Oct, 1925 and Jan. 1926.

Chaudhuri, Purushottam

  • Diverse loves; or to serve the wronged is to serve his cause. Vijayawada: n.p., 1933. 33 p.


  • Thought pearls. Nagercoil: Doss Press, 1932.

Dalal, Rajendra Somanarayan, 1882- Gujarati

  • Victory: a drama of Rajput chivalry. Trans. by the author from Gujarati. Bombay: Pub. by the author, 1939. 151 p.

Das, A. Jagannath

  • The surprised wife. Madras: India Printing works, 1921. 44 p.

Das, S. A.

  • Lead kindly light: a play. Calcutta: Model Printing Works, 1933. 124 p.

Dasgupta, Kedar Nath

  • Bharata: a play by K.N. Dasgupta and Margaret G. Mitchell. London: Luzac, 1918. 40 p.
  • Caliph for a day: an amusing comedy. London: Luzac, 1916. 36 p.

Dass, J.P.

  • Death or dishonour. Dehradun: n.p., 1914. 4 p.

Dastur, K.H.

  • The tragedy of Nero. N.p.: n.p., 1905.

Day, Lal Behari 1826-1894.

  • The Meghnad Badha or the death of the prince of Lanka: a tragedy in five acts as performed at the National Theatre Beadon Street. Calcutta: n.p., n.d. 95 p.

DeLanerolle, H.C.N. and E.M.W. Joseph, d. 1987.

  • Well Mudaliyar: a play. N.p.: n.p., 1938. 66 leaves. Typescript.

Deobhankar, N.R., 1884-

  • Two absconders: a play based on the 1942 movement. Delhi: Vidya Mandir, 1947.

DeSilva, Wilmot Arthur

  • Kuveni: a play in three acts. Colombo: Sinhala Samaya Press, 1915. 18 p.

Devi, Serapia, nee Carliezck. Mrs. Bhattacharyya

  • The dead lover's face: a one-act play. Lahore: R.S. Ramajanaya Kapur, 1945. 112 p.

Dingra, Baldoon, d. 1979.

  • The awakening; or Lakshmana awakes: a poetic play. Lahore: Regal Theater, 1945. Trans. into French as: Lakshmana s'eveille. Paris: Victor Attinger, 1957.
  • For heaven is here: a three-act play. Lahore: Regal Theater, 1944.

Dutt, Ajoy Chunder, 1879-

  • Milly, a Bengali home: a pleasant play. Allahabad: Kitabistan, 1945. 100 p.

Dutt, Michael Madhusudan, 1824-1873. Bengali

  • Is this called civilization? a farce. Calcutta: n.p., 1871.
  • The Meghnadbadh or the death of the prince of Lanka: a tragedy in five acts as performed at the National Theatre. Revised and corrected by Rev. Lal Behary Day. Calcutta: U.N. Banerjee, 1858. 96 p.
  • Ratnavali: a drama in four acts. Trans. by the author. Calcutta: Saviella, 1858. 73 p. Based on a Sanskrit play by Harsadeba.; Calcutta: Bangabasi Press, 1904.
  • Rizia. In "The Eurasian", (Madras), 1849-50 in 7 issues.
  • Sermista: a drama in five acts. Trans. by the author from Bengali. Calcutta: Stanhope Press, 1859. 73 p.; Calcutta: Bangabasi Press, 1904. 90 p. Calcutta: Educational and Commercial, 1968. viii, 90 p.

Ettappan, Jagad-vira Venktaesvara, maharaja of Tamil

  • Gnanavalli, creeper of wisdom: an original Tamil drama. Trans. by S.A.T. Madras: n.p., 1915. iv, 73, 66 p.

Fyzee-Rahamin, S., 1880-

  • Daughter of Ind. London: J.B. Pinker, 1937. 63 p.; Bombay: New Book Co., 1940. 78 p.
  • Invented gods. London: Herbert Joseph, 1938. 111 p.

Gargi, Balwant, 1916-

  • The vulture and other plays. Lahore: Lion Press, 1941. (Includes: The fugitive; The matriarch; and Mung-wa.)

Ghosal, Svarna Kumari Tagore, 1855-1932. Bengali

  • Princess Kalyani: a play in three acts. Madras: Ganesh & Co., 1930. xviii, 223 p.

Ghose, Aurobindo, 1872-1950.

  • Collected poems and plays. Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1942. 392 p. Included in "Sri Aurobindo Library" Vol. 5, 6, 7 and 8.
  • Conversations of the dead. Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1951. 27 p.
  • Eric, the king of Norway: a dramatic romance. Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1960. 102 p. (Written in 1912/1913)
  • The hero and the nymph (Vikramorovasie). Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1911.
  • Perseus the deliverer. Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1955. 146 p. 1st published in the "Bande mataram", 1907
  • Prince of Edur. Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1961.
  • Rodogune: a play. Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1958.
  • Savitri: two scenes. Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1951. 14 p.
  • Vasavadutta: a dramatic romance. Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1957. 152 p.
  • The viziers of Bassora: a dramatic romance. Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1957. 202 p.

Ghose, Sudhindra Nath, 1899-1965.

  • The colours of a great city: two playlets. London: C.W. Daniel Co., 1924. 35 p. (Includes: The defaulters; and And Pippa dances.)

Ghosh, Girish Chandra, 1844-1912. Bengali

  • At the touch of the philosopher's stone. Trans. by a Devotee. Gorakhpur: Gita Press, 1937. xvi, 128 p.
  • Bilwamangal Thakur. Trans. by Charu Chandra Palit. 2nd ed. Calcutta: Mitra Library, 1933. iii, 141, ii p.; Vilwamangal, a play in five acts. Trans. by Swami Prabhavananda and Frederick Manchester. Hollywood, Calif.: Vedanta Press, 1956. iii, 119 p.
  • Chintamini, a symbolic drama. Trans. and adapted by Dhan Gopal Mukerji. Boston: R.G. Badger, 1914. p. 144- 160.
  • Insubstantial pageant, part I. n.p.: n.p., n.d.
  • Nala and Damayanti, a play in three acts dramatising a story from the third book of Mahabharata. Adapted by S.C. Bose. Calcutta: R. Cambray & Co., 1918. 67 p.

Gokak, Vinayaka Krishna, 1909-1992.

Gopalakrishna, P.

Gorowara, Krishna

  • And a-mourning do we go. in "The Literary Half-yearly" I, 1.
  • Matchless matches. in "The Literary Half-yearly" VI, 2.

Gunasekera, L.H.

  • Blind eye. Colombo: Carlton Press, 1933. 6, 104 p.

Hariscandra, Bharatendu, 1850-1885. Hindi

Hazrat, Inayat Khan

  • Yesterday, today and tomorrow. n.p.: n.p.: n.d.

Imam, Syed Mehdi, 1902-

  • Scenes from India mythology; being a dramatization of selected Indian legends. Edited by S.K. Prasad. Calcutta: Macmillan, 1940.
  • Scenes from Islamic history. Calcutta: Macmillan, 1940.

Isvaran, Manjeri Sundaraman, 1910-1967.

  • Hira Bai, or the romance of Aurangazeb. N.p.: n.p., n.d.
  • Yama and Yami: a dialogue. Madras: n.p., 1940.

Iyengar, K.R. Srinivasa, 1908-

  • Suniti and her spouse, or storm in a tea-cup. Madras: n.p., 1942.
  • The battle of the optionals. Madras: n.p., 1943.

Iyer, S. Ranga

  • The hanging doctor. Madras: Indian Patriot Press, 1913.

Jahagirdar, Rangacharya Vasudevachary

  • Mighty minds of youth: a study in one act. Dharwar: the author, 1931. 13 p.

Jayantinathan, R.

  • Guardianship of India. Madras: Natesan and Co., 1949.

Jhaveri, Shanti

  • Deluge: a drama in five acts with a prologue and an epilogue. Bombay: Sole selling agents: Padma Publications, 1944. iv, 160 p.

Joseph, Abraham Tamil

  • A cummi poem on coffee planting with an English translation. Jaffna: Strong and Asbury, 1869. 71, 22 p.

Joseph, E.M.W., d. 1987 and H.C.N. de Lanerolle.

  • Well Mudaliyar: a play. N.p.: n.p., 1938. 66 leaves. Typescript.

Joshi, Hemchandra

  • Cupid in slums. Karachi: Pub. By the author, n.d.
  • God on the pavement. Karachi: Pub. By the author, 1934.
  • Plays for the young. Karachi: Pub. by the author, 1936. 101 p.
  • Twin souls: a tragedy in three acts. Hyderabad, Sind: Pub. by the author, 1935. 73 p.

Kailasam, Tyagaraja Paramasiva, 1885-1948.

  • The burden and the fulfilment. Mysore: n.p., 1933.
  • Karna; the Brahmin's curse. Bangalore: Madhava and Sons, 1946.
  • Keechaka. Edited by C.R.Reddy. Bangalore: Chaya Pub., 1949.
  • Little lays and plays. Mandyal, A.P.: S. R Deshpande, 1933.
  • The purpose. Bangalore: Madhava and Sons, 1944.

Kalim, N.H.

  • Akbar; emperor of India. Edinburgh: n.p., 1925. 16 p.

Kamath, S.V.

  • Six one-act plays. Sirsi: Pub. by the author, 1940. 110 p. (Includes: Jyoti; Ideal patriotism; Purity of the press; Sacred union; Village master; and Discipline.)

Kavi, Nanalal Dalpatram, 1877-1946. Gujarati

  • Jaya & Jayanta: a drama. Trans. by U.K. Oza. London: Heath Cranton, 1929. vii, 192 p.

Kavi, Nandlal V.

  • Poor man's bread and principles of life. Tokyo: Seva Mandir, 1936. xx, 100 p.

Kavi, Sundararaja

  • Snusha vijayam: a drama in one act. Tinnevally: n.p., 1890.

Kazi, Elsa, d. 1967.

  • Temptation: a drama of Sind country life in three acts. Karachi: Pub. by the author, 1942. 52 p.

Khan, M. Hashim

  • Sore throat: a farce in one act. by M. Hashim Khan and H.W.B.Moreno. 3rd ed. Calcutta: H.W.B. Moreno, 1919.

Khan, Muhammad A.R.

  • Zamir or conscience personified; a narrative of modern life presented as a drama of four acts. Hyderabad: n.p., 1938. ix, 111 p.

Kirloskar, B.P., 1843-1885. Marathi

  • Saubhadra. Trans. by S.B. Talekar. N.p.: n.p., 1944.

Krishna, Mary

  • Queen cosmetic. Lahore: New India Pub., 1940. 32 p.

Krishnamacharya, Mangadu

  • Dasaratha or the fatal promise: a tragedy. Madras: Vaijayanti Press, 1901. iv, 88 p.
  • Kumuda: a drama. Madras: Vaijayanti Press, 1900. 81 p.

Krishnaswami, Arunbuliyer

  • The two twice borns: a drama in three acts. Trichinopoly: Jagam and Co., 1914. vii, 68 p.

Krishnaswami, Paul Aiyergar, 1889-

  • Kailash: a play in seven acts. Lahore: Northern India Printing and Pub. Co., 1944.

Krishnaswami, T.B.

  • Nur Jehan: a play in five acts. Madras: Modern Printing Works, 1918. 120 p.
  • Satya or the altar of love. Madras: Modern Printing Works, 1919. 32 p.

Lal, L. Nand and Narsingh Lal

  • Harish chandra; the immortal lover of truth. Lahore: Pub. by the authors, 1931. 44 p.

Lobo-Prabhu, Joseph Mathias, 1906-

  • Death abdicates: a play of the Indian village in three acts. Bombay : Thacker and Co., 1945. 64 p.
  • The importance of being important. N.p.: n.p., n.d.
  • Mother of new India=Nae Bharat ki mata: a play of the Indian villages in three acts. Bombay: Thacker and Co., 1944. 67 p.
  • Mud and money. N.p.: n.p., n.d.
  • Son of India. Aligarh: Aligarh University Press, n.d.
  • Tokyo tragedy. N.p.: n.p., n.d.

Mahatab, Bijaychand, 1881-1941, raja of Bardon Bengali

  • Manas-lila: a metaphysical drama. Trans. by Jyotish Chandra Banerjee. Calcutta: Kuntaline Press, 1924. 34 p.

Meherjee, Peroz P.

  • Dolly Parsen, etc. Bombay: Daftur Akshar Press, 1918.

Mehta, Gaganvihari Lallubhar, 1900-

  • Perversities: a collection of skits. Calcutta: Pub. by the author, 1942. 173 p.; 2nd ed. Calcutta: n.p., 1943. iv, 191 p.

Menezes, Luis Mathias Armando, 1902-1984.

  • Caste: a social comedy. Bombay: n.p., 1938.

Menezes, Nicholau J. De

  • The son of man. Bombay: n.p., 1935.

Michael, S.M.

  • Nation-builders: a socio-political comedy in three acts. Madras: Pub. by the author, 1920. 60 p.

Mitra, Dinabandu, 1829-1874. Bengali

  • Nil Durpan. Rev. Ed. Calcutta: Eastern Trading Co., 1958. 238 p.
  • Nil durpan: or, the indigo planting mirror. Trans. by a native. Edited by James Long. Calcutta: C.H. Manuel, 1861. iv, 102 p.; Edinburgh: n.p., 1862. 61 p.; Calcutta: Indian Publications, 1972. c, 216 p.

Mody, Jehangir R.P.

  • Hector; prince of Troy. Bombay: Pub. by the author, 1932.

Moreno, Henry W. Bunn, 1875-

  • Mathew Arnold's Sohrab and Rustam: a drama for male characters only in one act. Dramatised by H.W.B. Moreno. Calcutta: Pub. by the author, 1919. 13 p.
  • Sore throat: a farce in one act. by M. Hashim Khan and H.W.B. Moreno. 3rd ed. Calcutta: H.W.B. Moreno, 1919.

Mudaliar, Pammal Vijayaranga Sambandha, 1873-1964. Tamil

  • Yayathi, or "fate and love". An English version of the author's Tamil drama. Madras: Star of India Press, 1908. i, 42 p.

Mukerjee, Nunda Gopal

  • Delhi and Haldighat: based on history. Calcutta: Sanskrit Press Depository, 1907. 256 p.

Mukerji, Dhan Gopal, 1890-1936.

Mukuta, Sundara Syama

  • Sivananda vijaya. Trans. by D. Jhingam. Ananda Kutir: Sivananda Publication League, 1946. xi, ii, 127 p.

Murthi, M.S.

  • Professor's paroxysm. Kakinada: n.p., 1938. 32 p.

Nagarajan, Krishnaswamy, 1893-1986.

  • Gold palm or the buried treasure. Pudukottai: the author for private circulation, 1937.
  • Law in the dock. Pudukottai: the author for private circulation, 1944.
  • Lucky ring. Pudukottai: the author for private circulation, 1935.
  • Man of principle. Pudukottai: the author for private circulation, 1933.

Nanayya, B.

  • Thamorithary, or vice vanquished in one act. Nellore: n.p., 1907. 42 p.

Narain, Pandit Bishan

  • Devaki's problem: a play in three acts. Lahore: Pub. by the author, 1936. 102 p.

Narayan, Rasipuram Krishnaswamy, 1906-

  • The watchman of the lake. Mysore: Indian Thought Publications, 1940. Dramatization by the author of a short story "The watchman."

Narayanan, V.

  • A bachelors' home: a dialogue. Madras: New India Pub. House, 1933. 31 p.
  • Where god is not and other playlets. Madras: New India Publishing House, 1933. 77 p. (Includes: Beauty is a leveller of castes; The lawyer and his daughter; and You are not my husband.)

Nazir, C.S.

  • The first Parsi baronet, a verse play. N.p.: n.p. 1866.

Nissanka, Sri

  • Our Lanka, a play in three acts. Colombo: n.p., 1939? 89 p.

Pal, Niranjan

Pande, Shivdhar

  • Plays. Allahabad: Pub. by the author, 1935. (Includes: Gunny bags; Harischandra; and The Ohio yogi.)

Parthasarathi, S.K.

  • Caste-tyranny: a topical play. Madras: n.p., 1933. 93 p.

Rajagopalan, T.S.

  • The comedy of life: a mystery. Madras: Dr. N.V. Sriramacharlu, 1924. 46 p.

Rajan, N.V.

  • The Gujarat prince: a new drama in English prose specially written for the students' dramatic union, Orgole. Madras: n.p., 1909. 63 p.

Raju, P.V. Ramaswami

  • Lord likely. Madras: n.p., 1876.

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