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Bibliographies for South Asian Studies: Poetry Written by South Asian Women

Poetry Background


Bajaj, Rashmi
	Women Indo-Anglian poets: a critique. New Delhi: Asian 
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	The fair voice: a study of Indian women poets in English.        New Delhi: Sterling, 1984. 137 p.

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	Four Indo-Anglian poets: study of Toru Dutt, Rabindra 
	Nath Tagore, Sri Aurobindo, and Sarojini Naidu. 
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Indian poetesses: past and present. New Delhi: Ministry of 
	Education, social Welfare and Culture, Govt. of India, 
	1976-   . 2 vols.

Poetry Anthologies

Anthology of women's poetry in Urdu: from 1800 to the 
	present.  Trans. by Khwaja Mahmudul Hasan. 
	[forthcoming 1997?]

Beyond belief: contemporary feminist Urdu poetry. Trans. by 
	Rukhsana Ahmad. Lahore: ASR Publicatons, 1990. xvi, 78, 
	78 p.; Reprinted as: We sinful women. tr. by Rukhsana 
	Ahmed. London: The Women's Press , 1990. 193 p.  

Black candle: poems about women from India, Pakistan and
	Bangladesh. Corvallis, Oregon: Calyx Books, 1991. ix, 
	95 p.

Casie Chitty, Simon, 1807-1860.
	The Tamil plutarch: a summary account of the lives of 
	the poets and poetesses of southern Indian and Ceylon 
	from the earliest to the present times, with specimens 
	of their compositions. 2nd rev. ed. New Delhi: Asian 
	Educational Service, 1982. 135 p.

Chharaa, children's and women's verse from the Bengali oral
	tradition. Ed. by Prithvindra Chakravarti. Port 
	Moresby, Papua: Papua Pocket Poets, 1971. unpaged.

Hers: India perspectives: an anthology of poetry in English 
	by Indian women. Edited by Mary Ann Dasgupta. Calcutta: 
	Writers Workshop, 1978.

In their own voice: the Penguin anthology of contemporary 
	Indian women poets. Comp. & ed. by Arlene R.K. Zide. 
	New Delhi: Penguin Books, 1993.

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Poems by Nepali women. Edited by Shailendra K. Singh. 
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Putting the pickle where the jam should be: Poetry & prose.  
	By Seni Seneviratne, Maya Chowdhry, Shahidah Janjua. 
	Sheffield, England: Jag Rahi Hai: Write Back, 1989. 123 

Shakti's words: an anthology of South Asian Canadian women's 
	poetry. Toronto: TSAR, 1993.

We sinful women. see  Beyond belief: contemporary feminist 
	Urdu poetry, above.

Women Bhakta poets. New Delhi: Manushi Trust, 1989. 120 p.

Women poets of India: an anthology of Indian poetry. Edited 
	by Pranab Bandyopadhyay. Calcutta: United Writers, 
	1977. 78 p.


Poetry A-D by author's last name except titles with unknown authors.


Abbas, Azra (Urdu)
        Kicking up dust. trans. by Samina Rahman. Lahore: ASR
	Publications, 1996. 93 p.

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	Monsoon and other poems. Calcuta: Writers Workshop, 
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	The saviour. Karachi: Privately published, 1987. 50 p.

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	The first jacaranda. Calcutta: Writers Workshop, 1985. 
	35 p.

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	Seventeen more poems. Calcutta: Writers Workshop, 

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	[Amma, 1936]
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	Mire. Calcutta: Writers Workshop, 1993. 82 p.

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	The golden cage: a collection of poems. Lahore: 
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	One more poems. Calcutta: Writers Workshop, 1975. 43 p.

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	The chess players and other poems. Calcutta: Writers 
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	Kavitanjali: a book of English translation in prose. 
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	Fire, counter-fire=himsa, prati-himsa. text & visuals. 
	Madras: Skills/Cultural Centre, 1983? 70 p.  Hindi & 
	English text

	[Eka aura khabara]
	One more news=Eka aura khabara. {Poem in Hindi, 
	Harindranath Chattopadgtata} Trans. by Vina Shivpuri. 
	Madras: Produced by Skills, 1987. 54 p.

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Books about Kamala Das

	Kamala Das: a collage. New Delhi: Vidya Prakashan 
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Das, Mahadai, 1956-
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Books about Gauri Deshpande

Varma, Monika, 1916-
	Facing four: a critical opinion on the poetry of Suniti 
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Books about Toru Dutt

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Poetry E-K by author's last name except titles with unknown authors.

Ekanayake, Leila
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