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E-Book Collections: Downloading to a Desktop

Information on finding and using e-books at the UW Libraries

Downloading to a Desktop or Laptop

Please see below for an example of downloading eBooks from a the ProQuest eBook Central on a desktop or laptop. This platform requires the use of Adobe Digital Editions to download materials. To browse UW collections found from other platforms, visit the Collections A-Z tab.

From the ProQuest ebook Central on Desktop

1. Make sure you are signed into UW Libraries with your Net ID.

2. Make sure you've downloaded Adobe Digital Editions to your laptop or PC. (You'll need it to read the book you've selected).

3. On the item page, click a link under "View It" (some items have more than one request option).

4. Click "Download Book"

5. Click "Open Book"

6. Once the book is open, choose a download option from the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Note: The full download arrow is the only way to download the entire book. To download chapters or a range of page numbers, click the PDF icon. To print a range of pages, click the printer icon.

7. To download the entire book, choose the "Full Download" arrow. This will prompt a screen that asks, "What device are you using?"

8. Choose "Laptop Desktop"

9. You will be prompted to download Adobe Digital Editions. If you've already downloaded this software, you do not need to download it again.

10. Click "Done with this Step"

11. Choose your format (EPUB or PDF), and click "Download Your Book"