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Collection Guidelines: Slavic Studies: Support the Collections

Collecting guidelines for Slavic Languages and Literatures, Baltic Studies, and Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies (REECAS).

Donate Slavic or Baltic Library Materials

The  UW Libraries Slavic and East European Section welcomes contacts from individuals and organizations interested in donating Slavic, Baltic or other East European library materials in good condition for possible inclusion in our collections.

Prospective donors should contact Michael Biggins, UW's Slavic, Baltic and East European librarian (voice: 206 543-5588) for more information.

Making a Cash Gift

Cash contributions in support of the UW Libraries' Slavic, Baltic and East European collections can be made online by going to the UW Foundation's Libraries page, then from the tabs selecting "Browse," "Libraries," and finally "Slavic and Baltic Studies Section - UW Libraries." 

For more information or to explore creating an endowment contact Michael Biggins (voice: 206.543.5588).

Explore Other Giving Options

See also these additional options for supporting the UW Libraries.