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More About the AES

As of Autumn 2012 the AES had:

  • 165 Undergraduate majors

Collaborative centers include the Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest , Center for Performance Studies, and the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Study. Additional information on the department can be found on the departmental fact sheet produced by the College of Arts & Sciences.

Photo: Detail from Smith Hall

Programs & Degrees

The American Ethnic Studies Department (AES) offers a major in American ethnic studies, and supports an interdisciplinary diversity minor and a minor in education, learning, and society.  Nationally, it was among the first programs in this field to gain departmental status.

"Through the department's four areas of concentration—African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Chicano/a Studies, and Comparative AES—students have the opportunity to learn interdisciplinary, ethnic-specific, and comparative concepts, theories, and methods of inquiry as applied to the study of selected U. S. ethnic groups."

The department's goal, "to develop well-informed and compassionate citizens, to advance their capacity for critical thinking, their understanding of and respect for cultural diversity, and their self-perception as responsible members of an increasingly global society."

A variety of professional, community-based internships and practicum experiences are available.