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These are the guidelines by which materials are purchased for the Education collection of the UW Libraries (Seattle Campus).  For questions or more information, please contact the Education Librarian.


UW Libraries: Collection Goals

The UW Libraries is committed to providing convenient and timely access to collections and information resources that are outstanding with respect to their quality, depth, diversity, format and currency to support the research and teaching missions of the University of Washington.

Subject Definition

The study of education is concerned with how learning and social and psychological development take place from early childhood through adulthood. It asks how formal and informal learning contexts affect this development and the ability to be a contributing member of society. It examines how the history of education has influenced educational policy, reforms and thought, building a cumulative record of education's influence on all. 

The Library's education collection primarily supports the teaching and research of the University of Washington's College of Education as well as the other programs and disciplines that touch on the field of education.

Subject Classification

The collections supporting Education can be found primarily in the Library of Congress classification, which is L. Subclasses are:

  • LA History of Education
  • LB Theory and Practice of Education
  • LC Special Aspects of Education
  • LD Individual Institutions - US
  • LE Individual Institutions - America (except United States)
  • LF Individual Institutions - Europe
  • LG Individual Institutions - Asia, Africa, Indian Ocean Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands
  • LH College and School Magazines and Papers
  • LT Textbooks

Teaching materials are spread across most LC classifications, from A to Z.

Children's Literature has a separate set of Collection Guidelines