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Research Guides

Southeast Asian Studies Collection Guide: Departmental Focus

This guide describes the current strengths of the Southeast Asia collection, collection priorities and consortial information resources

Programs & Degrees

The Southeast Asia collection serves faculty associated with the Southeast Asian Studies Center of the Jackson School for International Stuides, including: Southeast Asian Studies MA students; BA students in Asian Studies with a concentration in Southeast Asia or a Minor in Southeast Asian Studies; Southeast Asian Studies MA students; students in the Jackson School Applied International Studies (MAAIS) program, and in the Jackson School Ph.D. program with a focus on Southeast Asia. 

The collection also serves graduate students and faculty in a wide variety of disciplines who focus on the Southeast Asia region: primarily in History (Viet Nam, Indonesia and the Philippines), Anthropology (Indonesia, Cambodia), Sociology (Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines), Political Science (Burma), Comparative Literature (Philippines, Indonesia), Ethnomusicology (Indonesia), Marine Affairs (Philippines) and Archaeology (Indonsia, Timore Leste, Thailand), but also programs such as Economics, Geography, Global Health, Nursing, Human Rights and Law, Forestry and the Primate Center.