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Research Guides

Southeast Asian Studies Collection Guide: Scope

This guide describes the current strengths of the Southeast Asia collection, collection priorities and consortial information resources


a. Chronology

Chronological focus is from early archaeological research to the modern periods for most countries of the region.

b. Geographical

Pan-regional publications, such as ASEAN, Mekong River Commission











Timore Leste

Viet Nam

c. Languages

Major languages of the region:  Burmese, Khmer, Lao, Indonesian, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese

Minority and sub-national language: Javanese, Kawi, Jawi, Shan, Mon.

Materials are collected in a variety of contemporary and historic scripts of the region.

d. Format

All formats

e. Exclusions

Text books and childrens' materials are purchased only when of social or historical interest.

Contemporary tourism materials and cookbooks are not purchased.

f. Collection by Library of Congress Call Number Ranges

Anthropology Southeast Asia GR308-326.2
  Anthropology and Folklore GR308.5
  Burma GR309
  Cambodia GR310
  Lao GR311
  Thailand GR312
  Vietnamese GR313
  Malay GR315-316
  Indonesian GR320-324
  Philippines GR325 - 326
Economic and Social Conditions Southeast Asia HC441-460
  Economics - Industries, Land Use, Labor  
  Land use Southeast Asia HD2080-2087
  Labor, General HD4801-8999
  Labor Southeast Asia HD5821-5825
  Southeast Asian Socialism. Communism. Anarchism HX395.8-408.5
Education History of Education in Southeast Asia LA1171-1299
History Burma DS 485
  History - Eastern Asia, S.E. Asia, Far East DS501-999
  Southeast Asia DS 520-560
  Burma DS 527-530
  Indochina, including Viet Minh War DS 531-556
  Vietnam War DS 557-559
  Thailand DS 561-590
  Singapore DS 608-610
  Indonesia, Dutch East Indies DS 611-649
  Brunei DS 650
  Philippines DS 651-700
Language, Linguistics & Literature Indo-Chinese, Karen, Tai, etc. Languages & Lit. PL3501-4587
  General SE Asian Literature PL3501-3509
  Sino-Tibetan (including Nom) PL3509-3529
  Malaysian literature PL3512
  Singapore literature PL3515
  Languages of the Montagnards PL3518
  Sino-Tibetan languages PL3521-4001
  Tibeto-Burman PL3551-3563
  Burmese PL3933-3997
  Karen languages PL4051-4054
  Miao-Yao languages PL4070-4074
  Tai languages PL4111-4158
  Thai language and dictionaries PL4159-4199
  Thai literature and criticism PL4200-4204
  Thai poetry, drama, short stories and novels PL4205-4209
  Lao/Northern Thai language and literature PL4234-4251
  Austoasiatic languages PL4281
  Mon Khmer PL4301-4314
  Khmer PL4321-4329
  Mon  PL4330-PL4339
  Stieng, Bru, Khmu, Sedang, Koho PL4341-PL4351
  Vietnamese language and dictionaries PL4371-4377
  Vietnamese literature and criticism PL4378-PL4387.5
  Vietnamese poetry, drama, short stories, novels PL4375.6-PL4375.9
  Vietnamese linguistics PL4379
  Linguistics, other minority languages, including Cham, Ede, Yao PL4380-PL4398
  Bru, Chrau, Khasi, Muong, etc. PL4423-4470
  Chamic languages PL4490-4498
  Austonesian languages PL5026
  Malay languages PL5051-PL5070
  Indonesian language and dictionaries PL5071-5079
  Indonesian literary criticism PL5080- 5084
  Indonesian poetry, drama, short stories novels PL5085-5099
  Malays language and dictionaries PL5100-5129
  Malay literary criticism PL5130-5134
  Malay poetry, drama, short stories, novels PL5135-5150
  Old Javanese (Kawi) PL5153-5160
  Modern Javanese PL5161-5180
  Other Indonesian languages: Balinese, Bugis, Acehnese, Kadazan, Gayo. Madurese, Minangkabau, Sundanese, Batak PL5181-5499
  Philippine languages and linguistics PL5500-6052
  Tagalog language PL6053-6057
  Filipino literature and criticism PL6058
  Filipino poetry, drama, short stories, novels PL6058.8-6059
  Other Philippine languages PL6100-6115
Law Burma KNL0-4999
  Cambodia KNM0-4999
  Indochina KNC0-499
  Indonesia KNW0-4999
  Laos KPE0-4999
  Malaysia KPG0-4999
  Malaysia (Cities, communities, etc.) KPH4970-4999
  Malaysia KPG0-4999
  Malaysia (Cities, communities, etc.) KPH4970-4999
  Thailand KPT0-4999
  Vietnam KPV0-8999
  South Vietnam KPW0-489
Music Indonesian Gamelan music ML1251
  Folk music Cambodia ML 3758. C16
  Folk music Indonesia ML 3758. I53
  Folk music Viet Nam ML 3758. V5
Philosophy & Religion Hinduism in Bali BL1163
  Confucianism in Southeast Asia BL1844-1845
  Folk beliefs and spirit worship in Viet Nam BL2055-2059
  Folk beliefs and spirit worship in Cambodia BL2060
  Folk beliefs and spirit worship in Laos BL2067
  Folk beliefs and spirit worship in Thailand BL2075-2077
  Folk beliefs and spirit worship on the Malay Peninsular BL2080-2085
  Religious pluralism in Indonesia BL2100-2123
Islam Islam and society in Southeast Asia BP63 A38
  Islam and society in Indonesia BP63 I5
  Islam in Brunei BP63 B78
  Islam in Malaysia BP63 M27
Buddhism Buddhist in Southeast Asia BQ406-437
  Buddhsim in Burma BQ438
  Buddhism in Cambodia BQ450
  Buddhism in Laos BQ472
  Buddhism in Viet Nam BQ490-509
  Buddhism in Thailand BQ550-568
  Buddhist cosmology and ethics BQ4570
  Buddhist iconography BQ4670-4710
Christianity Christianity in Indonesia BR1220-1223
  Christianity in the Philippines BR1260-1261
Political Science Malaysia JQ710-719
  Southeast Asia.  Indochina JQ750-1064
  Vietnam.  Cambodia.  Laos JQ800-959
  Burma JQ960-969
  Philippine Islands JQ1250-1419
  Thailand JQ1740-1749