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K-Contents: Day 3 : K-Manhwa Exhibit Opening

K-Manhwa Collection Exhibit Opening

About the Exhibit

As a part of the K-Manhwa events, the East Asia Library will reproduce the old-fashioned Korean Manhwa Bang. We like to thank the Korea Foundation for their sole support in this exhibit.  


What is Manhwa Bang (만화방 in Korean)?

Manhwa Bang(만화방) or “Comic Rooms", were popular in Korea in the 1970s-1980s as public places to read or rent comics or graphic novels. The function that these rooms is to give resources and services  to anyone looking to read comic books. Patrons would pay a small fee to spend time browsing and reading in a space with comfortable furniture and food. It was also a space where fellow enthusiasts could talk about their favorite comic books or share recommendations. These spaces faded from the scene as the internet increased access to information and entertainment.

Building the Manhwa Bang

Interim Director, Tateuchi East Asia Library / Korea Studies Librarian

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Hyokyoung Yi
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-3527