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Images: Images from UW Libraries

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Image Databases Available from the UW Libraries

The UW Libraries provides access to the following image databases and collections. Please log in for off-campus access to UW restricted resources.

How can I use UW restricted images?

Images in UW restricted databases have some restrictions on use. 

Typically, images can be used for:

  • student papers
  • student presentations or multimedia projects
  • faculty classroom presentations
  • course online environments restricted to UW only

Without additional permission from the vendor, images cannot be used for:

  • open webites or projects posted to the open web
  • commercial or for-profit products or projects
  • faculty publications
  • print brochures for public distribution

Each image database has slightly different use requirements. Please read each databases's conditions-for-use statement if you are not sure if your use would be acceptable.

The UW Libraries subscribes to these image databases, and the vendors place restrictions on use of the images. Please see the Citation & Copyright page for more information about electronic resources and copyright.

Please see the Open Access page if you need images for use on the open web or other purposes.