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Digital Commons: Posting Capstones and Theses

Instructions for Posting Work

STEP ONE: After logging to UW Tacoma Digital Commons, navigate to the collection you administer through the list of communities. (The collections are organized first by department and division, then by the name of the particular collection.)

STEP TWO: Once logged in, you should see a gray bar along the top of the page, and when you navigate to the collection you administer, you will see a button to manage submissions.

Screenshot of Collections and Admins

STEP THREE: The default view of the manage collection page will show recently submitted work. (As an admin, you should receive a notification when each new work is submitted.) To post the work, you must click on the individual work.

Screenshot of Managing Collections


STEP FOUR: Clicking on "Post" will open a page that shows the metadata for the page. If you find errors, you may edit the metadata clicking on "Revise".

Screenshot of page showing metadata for individual work

STEP FIVE: On the next page, click "Continue" to post the work to a new collection. The name of the collection that you're posting to should appear. 

Screenshot for posting to collection

STEP SIX: For the work to appear, the collection must updated by clicking update. It is recommended that all new works be posted (by repeating steps one through five) before updating the collection.

Screen shot for updating collection