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Research Guides

Use the Methods Map

Find the Methods Map by clicking on the Research Tools link and then choosing "Methods Map."  

Steps for using the Methods Map:

  1. Search for a term or methodology.
  2. Look at the options on the left and right sides of the term or methodology you searched for.
  3. How do those terms relate to the context of the methodology you're studying?  Do you need to explore any of these terms in order to carry out the method?
  4. How does the term in the middle relate to the terms surrounding it?  Exploring related methodologies will help you to better understand the one you're studying.
  5. Look at the resources for all of the terms you're interested in.  For general definitions, use dictionaries.  For more detailed summaries of the method, select encyclopedia entries.  

Use Case Studies

Search case studies for research questions similar to yours and use the same or similar methodology.  Use the Advanced Search and follow this example:



Search for a specific method

Use the search box in the left hand corner of SRM to search for a methodology. Use the advanced search to narrow your search by type of resource (encyclopedia, video, etc.), discipline, publication year, and more. Some popular methods include:

  • Action Research
  • Case Study
  • Ethnography
  • Evaluation
  • Internet Research
  • Interviews
  • Mixed Methods
  • Narrative Research
  • Observational Research
  • Questionnaires
  • Survey