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Commonly asked questions from Health Sciences Library users.

How do I get the full text of articles from a database search result?

All of our databases provide links to the full text of an article or a way to order the article. These links are embedded in the icons appearing with each search result.

PubMed: The Abstract view of each record may display up to three icons: a vendor / publisher icon, PubMed Central icon, and/or a purple and gold Check for Full Text W icon.

Check for Full Text Button Icons

The icons that indicate direct, full text availability are any icon that states 'free full text' or the PMC (PubMed Central) icon. If none of these icons are displayed, click the purple and gold Check for Full Text W icon.

The resulting screen will display a library catalog search result including links to online availability at the UW, print copies available on the shelf, or an option to order a copy of the article through ILL (see below).

EBSCO databases: The full text of articles may be directly available through the standard PDF button. Otherwise, the purple and gold Check for Full Text W button will display.

Follow the Purple and Gold "Check for Full Text W" icon

Clicking on the Check for Full Text icon from within an article database will take you to UW Libraries Search record for the article in question. This record may contain links to online availability (if any), details of print copies available at the UW, or an option to request a copy of the article via InterLibrary Loan (ILL).

Click on the Request an article scan ~1-2 days button to prefill your ILL order form.

Ordering articles are offered at no charge for current UW students, staff, and faculty (a Rush request will incur a charge).

Screenshot of a UW Libraries resource