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Commonly asked questions from Health Sciences Library users.

My access isn't working anymore! What do I do?

Browser settings, firewalls and conflicts with browser plugins can all keep you from accessing UW Libraries online resources from off campus.  We’ve found that trying the following things usually solves access problems:

  • Navigate using links starting at  Using the home button or bookmarks after you authenticate can cause your session to lose its connection to the proxy service.
  • Make sure your browser accepts cookies.
  • Clear your browser’s cache — sometimes it helps to set it up so that it automatically clears every time you close your browser.
  • Close all your browser windows and start over at
  • Try another browser.
  • If you are a member of an organization where no one can access UW Libraries resources from your work site, contact your organization’s IT support about possible firewall issues.
  • If your institution allows VPN's, you can use HuskyOnNet

Very rarely, more serious issues with your workstation can impede your access.  Please work with your personal IT support to look for viruses, operating system failures, and firewall issues.

If you are using the UW Libraries Search (catalog) and are successfully logged in, the upper right hand corner of the screen will display a link to “Log Out”.

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