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University of Washington Health Sciences Library


Commonly asked questions from Health Sciences Library users.

I have a UW NetID, so why can't I use the online library?

UW NetIDs are used for a variety of purposes, so having one, without being a current UW student, faculty or staff member, is not sufficient for access.

The following groups of people may have UW NetIDs but generally do not have access to UW Library Resources from off-campus. These groups are always welcome to use library resources on campus. They may also have access to alternate resources which are described below.

UW Medicine Partners: UW Medicine Partners employees do not have access unless the individual employee has a current UW affiliation such as a UW clinical faculty appointment. It is possible for two people who work side by side to have different access privileges. UW Medicine Partners may have access to alternate resources through their own organizations.

Licensed Health Professionals in Washington State: Selected health professional groups have access to HEALWA. HEALWA provides online access to current, authoritative clinical information and educational resources to eligible licensed health care practitioners in Washington State. HEALWA users do not have access to UW Libraries online resources. It can be confusing because both the UW Libraries and HEALWA use UW NetIDs for authentication. Individuals with current UW affiliations such as clinical faculty appointments have access to both HEALWA and UW Libraries online resources.

UW Alumni: UW Alumni retain access to Libraries online resources for approximately 3 months after graduation. UW Alumni Association members have access to the EBSCO Academic Search Alumni Edition database, which provides 3,000 academic journals in full text, plus indexing for 13,667 more. A complete listing of journal titles can be found here. In addition, alumni can apply for free borrower’s card, which will allow them to check out books (but not access resources online from offsite). UW Alumni who also have a current UW affiliation such as clinical faculty appointments have access to UW Libraries online resources.

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