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Commonly asked questions from Health Sciences Library users.

Can I study late at the Health Sciences Library?

Seattle skyline at nightAfter hours access is available to current UW health sciences students with authorized Husky card access  (check with your school / department to see if you have access).

Your safety is of utmost concern. Please follow the procedures and tips below.


  1. At closing time, all library users must leave the library.
  2. Fifteen minutes after closing, students with authorized Husky card access may re-enter the library at the second floor entrance by tapping their Husky card on the card reader. Do not allow others to enter on your tap. No tap, no entry.
  3. When exiting the library, tap your Husky card on your way out.

Security Tips

  • Keep your Husky card handy to show security upon request.
  • Do not assume that only authorized personnel are in the building when it is closed.
  • Report all suspicious persons or incidents to the UW Police by calling 911.